Apple is still working on mysterious product with NFC and Bluetooth

Will there be a new Apple TV with NFC? The American agency FCC has previewed a new Apple product and assessed which resembles the Apple TV, but is equipped with NFC and Bluetooth. What could this be?

Remember when there was leak of a new Apple product in September through the FCC, the US body that shows products in the field of telecommunication approval. Apple seems still busy with this product, because now a new version is surfaced at the FCC. But what kind of a product that is right?

Apple device with NFC and Bluetooth

The product that Apple has approved in September by the FCC caused quite a few question marks. The product had a model number A1844, a hitherto unused model number. The image of this product looked a bit like a new Apple TV, but the specifications of the device under testing point in a different direction. Power is much lower and there seems to be no Wi-Fi on board, so we are still groping in the dark what exactly Apple is making. In the meantime, Apple has in any case review of a new version of this product with the FCC.

The new version has a different model number, ie 1845. A few weeks ago, Apple had also proposed a new version with the FCC as model number 1846. A striking aspect of the new FCC review is that compared to the first version it seems a lot different.

In the first image we saw the device has rounded corners, and in any case is provided with two screws. The new image has omitted this, possible to give fewer hints about what this product is exactly.

A new Apple TV seems impossible, considering the specifications. Another option is for example a Siri-speaker, but it could also be that this device eventually is only for internal use for example in the Apple Stores. The main feature of this product is the addition of NFC, which for public use is only necessary for Apple Pay. It could be possible that this product will be used in the Apple Store as a kind of beacon device, so based on your location in the store you will get better information about the products. It is therefore possible that we finally hear nothing more about getting this unit and it quietly behind the scenes will be used somewhere.

All files of this product can be found on the FCC website. Do you have ideas what Apple might be planning to do with this product?


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