Apple Launches iOS 10.2.1 Update for iPhone and iPad

iOS 10 update

If you have an iPhone or iPad compatible with iOS 10, check the updates section from the settings menu since Apple just made official a new OTA. This is the iOS 10.2.1 update, a software upgrade that in principle includes bug fixes and optimizations to offer better performance. It is compatible with the iPhone 5, fourth generation iPad and iPad Mini 2 in addition to the sixth generation iPod Touch.

After several weeks of testing from beta releases for developers – and later public releases – Apple has released a new OTA for compatible iDispositives. The new version comes more than a month after the company releases iOS 10.2. It is expected that after this move, the Cupertino initiate soon the test of iOS 10.3 in its Beta version.

iOS 10.2.1 update, now available for download

Apple’s software engineering department continues to polish the software platform that powers iPhones and iPads with new updates. On this occasion, the company has released the update iOS 10.2.1, a minor update that, in the absence of an official listing with the changes introduced, may well be considered a maintenance version. It is focused on correcting errors detected in previous versions in order to optimize and increase system performance, factors that will impact on the user experience on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch compatible.

We must remember that the compatibility of iOS 10 with iPhone passes through the following models:

iPhone 5
IPhone 5c
Iphone 5s
IPhone SE
Iphone 6
IPhone 6 Plus
IPhone 6s
IPhone 6s Plus
IPhone 7
IPhone 7 Plus

As for iPad tablets compatible with iOS 10, are the following:

IPad Mini 2
IPad Mini 3
IPad Mini 4
IPad (fourth generation)
IPad Air
IPad Air 2
IPad Pro 9.7
IPad Pro 12.9

OTA download and installation

As already indicated, the iOS 10.2.1 update is now officially available. Apple has released the firmware in the form of OTA, so users with the models listed above will be able to check the availability of the software improvement from the settings section. There, in the General section, you can access the Software Updates tool that allows you to detect, download and install system updates from the device itself. However, if the user so wishes, you can also proceed with the guided process of downloading and installing the update through the PC through iTunes.

The availability of iOS 10.2.1 leaves even closer to the next beta version, iOS 10.3, which was speculated that it would come to the forefront by the middle of this month and of which to date there has been no record and which It is expected that, unlike the latter, it will include more outstanding changes.


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