Apple Launches Professional Education Application Bundle for Education

Apple has just released Pro Apps Bundle for Education, a suite of professional applications for creating video and music-oriented education. This package consists of Final Cut Pro X applications for video editing, Logic Pro X for audio production, Motion 5 for creating realistic video effects for Final Cut Pro X, Compressor 4 as a complement to Final Cut Pro X for the coding and export of final projects and finally is MainStage 3 for the realization of musical arrangements.

The application package costs $199.99 and is aimed at the entire education sector you are interested in, teachers, faculty, staff and students from universities, colleges and institutes in the United States. Those who buy it will soon receive an email with the codes to be redeemed in the Mac App Store.

In this way, Apple tries to attract the education sector to its own professional applications so that they can create their own productions. It is a very interesting bundle which it puts in your hands a series of professional applications that will allow you to obtain better results.

Taking into account the separate costs of each of the applications available in the package, the education sector will now benefit from this initiative, and Apple will also benefit from having more people using its professional applications.

With this move Apple reminds us that it will always focus on the education sector and regularly release such applications that provide benefit to the students.

You can buy this bundle directly on the official Apple website and make use of this Professional Education Application Bundle for your projects.


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