Apple patents a system for reading fingerprints without sensor

Apple patent

A new Apple patent shows a technology that can read fingerprints of users without a dedicated sensor.
This patent uses a LuxVue technology, a company acquired by Apple a few months ago, and explains how to integrate iPhone on a system that can read the user’s fingerprints without using a dedicated sensor.

Without going into too technical details, Apple plans to use a series of infrared light emitters to be integrated in convenient positions for the user, hiding all below the display. Such light emitters can be integrated inside the touch panel, greatly reducing the overall dimensions inside the device.

In fact, this technology allows Apple to no longer require having to use a special sensor for reading the fingerprint, with advantages both in terms of space and design. In practice, when the iPhone is in standby mode and the finger is near the screen, the display would generate a bitmap that shows you where to place your finger to be able to read fingerprints.

At present the technology used for fingerprint sensing requires a user to touch the ring to proceed. If Apple is planning for a complete display mobile, then this technology will help them to achieve their goal. The rumors might be true and Apple in coming years might release a complete display mobile or what we heard as glass smartphone.

Many of these solutions included in the patent are designed by LuxVue, a company that Apple acquired time ago to integrate new systems for reading fingerprints.

Source: Appleinsider


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