Apple Pay Will Debut in Taiwan in Mid-March

Apple has announced that people in Taiwan can soon use Apple Pay service for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. The company has not announced any official date, but people who visited the banks (those officially confirmed to support Apple Pay) to inquire about the launch of this service have been told that Apple Pay will launch somewhere in the middle of March. We have contacted some people of the Cupertino firm and waiting for a reply.

Apple Pay was launched in 2014 and is now available in 13 countries around the world. Taiwan will be the 14th country to open Apple Pay and for now will support Cathay United Bank, CTBC Bank, E. Sun Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, Taishin International Bank, and Union Bank of Taiwan.

In fact, Cathay United Bank has revealed that the terms of the agreement for the of Apple Pay use has been prepared, the internal testing has begun, including the use of devices, application methods, information security and code-based credit card service agreement matters, as the official launch date is yet to be announced by Apple.

With Apple Pay, consumers can easily and securely checkout. Apple said that when you use Apple Pay for iPhone and Apple Watch in the store, you only need to place your iPhone close to the reader and place your finger on the Touch ID to check out in a few seconds. If you use Apple Watch, you need to double-click the side button, and take the device close to the reader.

In addition to the physical store, it can also be used in the App Store and websites that have an option to pay with Apple Pay with no need to create an account or sign in. Pay as you go with a quick, easy, and secure experience.

Apple also stressed that the user’s card number will never be stored in the device or server and at checkout it will not leak data to the business. In addition, Apple Pay does not store any relevant transaction information.

There are rumors that Apple Pay will be arrive within 30 to 45 days (in mid-march) having support of seven banks. So people in Taiwan will have to wait at the latest till mid-March this year to have an Apple Pay account.

According to the statistics of the FSC bureau, the total transaction amount paid by Taiwan operations exceeded 2.360 billion yuan by the end of December 2016, while the domestic electronic payment ratio has risen to 30%.

The bureau said that the relevant laws and regulations on the payment of Taiwan operations are mature and complete, no matter whether the international or local players enter the market, the domestic financial institutions are actively cooperating with the domestic and foreign operators to promote the digital payment services.


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