Apple Releases New iOS 10 Design Resources for Sketch and Photoshop

Human Interface Design for iOS 10

Apple has released a few hours ago an update of its iOS Human Interface Guide with new iOS 10 design features. New features include templates and UI materials to help designers create applications for iOS faster, something they will surely get because they can be created using two programs of design, creation and editing of popular images.

In the past, Apple released Sketch design templates for Apple Watch and dynamic font sizes, but the update that was released a few hours ago has gone several steps further. According to Cupertino compnay, the resources now “fully and accurately represent the full range of IUKit colors, views and symbols available to developers using the iOS SDK.”

Apple Updates iOS 10 Design Features

IOS 10 templates

New templates are available for both Sketch and Photoshop. In addition to new features, the iOS Human Interface guide includes videos to help designers get started with compositions, icons, and symbols (older videos can only be viewed initially with the Safari browser or with the application WWDC).

The templates for Sketch and Photoshop that Apple has published include both an interface with white colors, similar to what we have seen in Apple’s mobile operating system since iOS 7, and some black examples of the iOS interface.

Those of Cupertino do not say that the dark interface will reach iOS, but we would be surprised if we did not see a dark interface in the mobile operating system of the apple in the not too distant future. 2017 could be that year, if the iPhone 8 came with an OLED screen that would consume less energy if we used black backgrounds, such as Apple Watch. Would you like for iOS 11 to come with a dark mode?


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