Apple Releases The Second Beta of WatchOS 3.2 and TvOS 10.2

This week Apple has released three new betas. Along with a new version of iOS 10.3 , Apple has also released new beta versions of tvOS 10.2 and watchOS 3.2.

Taking into account that tvOS 10.2 beta 1 was released just two weeks ago, the launch of the second beta has not surprised anyone. What has surprised a little more has been the launch of the second beta of watchOS 3.2, since the first beta was launched only a week ago. Among the most important new features that will arrive to the next version of Apple’s smartwatch operating system is that it will have the support for SiriKit, which will allow us to manage voice-compatible applications directly from the Apple Watch.

But the most striking news of the upcoming version of watchOS will be a theater mode that Sony Dickson had already advanced in early January. At first, it was expected that Theater Mode was a novelty of the next version of iOS, but it seems that this mode is a way to stop receiving notifications and at the same time not annoy the people we have around us when we are in cinemas.

At the moment not much is known of the next version of the operating system for the Apple TV 4, beyond that it will include improvements like an improved slip by some interfaces. We hope to discover more news but, as we just mentioned, this does not look too good.

Now to complete the list, only the second beta of MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 is missing. Will we also have new beta for Mac computers today?


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