Apple Removes the Website that Allowed Checking the State of the Lock of Activation of an iPhone

In early October 2014 Apple launched a very useful website within the iCloud cloud platform. With it we could check the state of the activation lock of an iPhone, perfect for example when we want to buy a second hand iPhone and we want to ensure that we can access it (and it is not a stolen terminal).

All you needed was the phone’s IMEI or its serial number and a browser from to access the iCloud website. Today Apple has removed this website without any prior notice. And it’s nothing temporary, because any mention of that website has disappeared from the Apple support documents.

If you click on the original link of the page, you will find a 404 error. And Apple has not given any alternative to the website, so what must have happened that the Cupertino company had to make this decision? Without that page there is no way to check that a second-hand iPhone you are trying to buy or sell is stolen or not.

Is it possible that Apple is going to present improvements in Search for my iPhone? We are on the verge of the important upgrade to iOS 10.3, so I would not rule out any new developments that justify this gesture. Until that is confirmed or denied, do not buy any iOS device whose iCloud account has been removed from the terminal previously.


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