Apple TV With tvOS 10.1 Could Soon Have Its Jailbreak

Apple TV

Many will criticize me, but I dare to say that the jailbreak is slowly becoming thing of the past. For whom who are not aware of jailbreak; it is a modification of the official firmware of our devices that allowed us to vitamin our iDevices with new functions, besides allowing us the installation of applications without going through the App Store.

Apple is aware of this and constantly adds those functions used often via jailbreak. Also, iDevices have become very difficult to crack as Apple constantly updates its operating systems. So, once again we can say that jailbreak is slowing losing its pace.

Of course, the jailbreak continues to generate news, and is that it is still something relevant to iDevices. With the arrival of the fourth generation Apple TV came the jailbreak for this Apple TV, a jailbreak that seems to be updated. The latest news point that soon we will have a jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 with TVOS 10.1.

It has been Kevin Bradley, better known as nitoTV, who on Twitter has announced that the jailbreak of tvOS 10.1 is on the way and that we must avoid upgrading to our Apple TV 4 to tvOS 10.1.1. If you have already upgraded then you must have downgrade to use this jailbreak. It seems that the jailbreak yalu102 (released for iOS 10.2) by Luca Todesco could be adapted to tvOS 10.1 of Apple TV 4.

Keep in mind that if you have automatic updates turned on, it is likely that your fourth generation Apple TV is in the latest version of tvOS.

So you know, if you want to have the jailbreak on your Apple TV 4 avoid installing the latest version of tvOS, 10.1.1, a version that incidentally does not include any interesting novelty except for some stability improvements. If you want the jailbreak wait a little and do not update your Apple TV 4. We will inform you of any news about it.


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