Apple Wants HomeKit Compatible Products To Be Made In Certified Factories


We have known about HomeKit for about three years since it was introduced in WWDC 2014, but to date the products compatible with this platform come with eyedropper and only now in iOS 10 we begin to see progress with the application. You may assume that this means that manufacturers are not encouraged to launch products, but it seems that this assumption is wrong.

According to a new article from Reuters, it seems that the company wants all products that work with HomeKit to be made in certified factories, equipping only the WiFi and Bluetooth chips as indicated from Cupertino company.

A leaked document reveals that there are some 800 factories that have received Apple certification, while there are only about 100 products integrated with HomeKit for sale. It is a problem, because rivals like Amazon already have 250 products because it does not ask too much for the integration of assistant Alexa with other products. In fact is what was highlighted in the past CES 2017: Alexa appeared everywhere and nobody expected it.

However, it is the formula that Apple always uses: to launch product later but with better features and to control as best as possible the way in which the products are made to detect failures before and get something with guarantees. And the formula works, but the price is that the rivals press much more.

For Homekit products to succeed, Apple might have to do a solid promotion campaign to make people realize that the company pays attention to it and not only iPhone and Macbook. Also, these products should be reasonable enough for people to use these smart products in their home.


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