Apple will present three new MacBook models at WWDC 2017


Apple laptops, the MacBook, will receive a renewal that includes up to three updated models in the face of the upcoming WWDC 2017 event. At least that’s what Mark Gurman says, the eminence in terms of leaks from Cupertino’s, and also, this is not happening by chance in fact it’s been done so precisely, in the absence of a few weeks shy to June 5 as that’s when the launch of the annual conference of Apple developers begins.

Apple is scheduled to take advantage of the WWDC event (to be held in San Jose, California, United States) to introduce major new operating system releases (see the new iOS 11 announcement). However, the Bloomberg have brought to light that the company is also prepared to present three new versions of their MacBook that are a new version of the MacBook Pro, a new version with 12-inches MacBook and, to complete this renewal, a new version of the MacBook Air with 13 inches. In all cases, it would be new versions with more powerful processors.

On one hand, Apple will introduce a MacBook Pro with an improved Intel Kaby Lake processor, while the 12-inch version of the MacBook will also receive the addition of a more powerful Intel processor. The renewal of these two models would only focus on the processor as there does not appear to be any significant change in the design of these laptops.

The shocking news from all this leakage is about the information related to MacBook Air, a range of laptops that has been in the market for more than two years without receiving any renewal from Apple. After so much time in the shade, the last thing we imagined was that Apple releasing an updated version of the 13-inch MacBook Air while also renewing the 13-inch version of its MacBook Pro. The reason its shocking news is because Apple itself once said that it will not update MacBook Air. However, now there appear to be strange twist in the strategy of the Cupertino.

In any case, let’s put a pin into it till June 5 as we still have some lingering doubts about it. As for now Apple will start the WWDC 2017 introducing the new features related to its operating systems. However, if this leak is right then we will know about it in the same week as well.


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