Apple will replace the damaged iPad 4 with iPad Air 2 of 2014


Last March Apple introduced its new generation of iPad, the tablet that revolutionized this sector and did not receive an update in a long time, leaving this honor to the pro versions of the tablet. That new iPad 4 is already in stores. As usual the possibility that they start reaching stores with a bug or defect is likely, and for this Apple has taken a surprising decision to replace the defective iPad with the iPad Air 2 of 2014 as a substitute, till the new iPad is repaired or replaced by Apple.

The replacement directive of the new iPad is clear

If we have a problem in one of the new iPad, while it is being repaired we receive one of the same or superior characteristics as replacement, these are the consumption regulations of most developed countries. Apple has to follow the same regulations in the majority of markets in which it is present.

As we have known Apple’s circular regarding the repair of the new iPad says, “As of March 30, the iPad fourth-generation under repair could be replaced by the iPad Air 2”. So it is possible that if your new iPad is damaged, you can receive the iPad Air 2 of 2014 as a substitute for the duration of its repair. The reason behind this decision by Apple would be the lack of stock of the new model that was put on sale last month. The lack of stock of these units forces the Cupertino firm to supply old iPad Air 2 of 2014 in case of the breakdowns of the new iPad 4.

Although when they are repaired, the users will receive their original units or they will be replaced definitively by the new model. It seems that for a while the iPad Air 2 will be the tablet of those who have problems with the new iPad, something that is far less normal when speaking of a large company of such as Apple. The Cupertino firm should have anticipated this problem before launching the next generation of its tablet, which has a better processor and more storage than its predecessor.


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