Apple Withdraws Applications Developed by Iranians From the App Store

Apple removes apps developed by Iranians

Something delicate is happening with the Iranian community of developers and companies. According to TechCrunch, several sources in the country have warned of how some of the applications created in Iran are being withdrawn from the App Store. These had begun to appear since September 2016, but apparently the decision has been reversed.

Applications like Digikala, from an online store widely used in Iran disappeared from the App Store a few days ago. Coming from a country like Iran one can imagine that the reasons are political, but behind everything the reason is the same as always: problems with international regulation.

The problem is that Apple has not opened its App Store in Iran, but Iranian developers have been able to publish their applications from the App Store in other countries. In addition, those applications that facilitate transactions may lead to sanctions under Iranian law. This is bad for both those online stores and banks in the country that also offer applications on iOS for customers to manage the money from their iPhones.

It’s hard to believe, but the mobile market figures in Iran are not bad at all. We are talking about a country of 82 million inhabitants and 40 million smartphones. In addition the average age of all those inhabitants is less than 30 years, everything a breeding ground for a market of mobile applications.

Of those 40 million smartphones, about 6 million are iPhone. Every year 100,000 units of Apple’s phone sneak into Iran, so business would be insured if Apple opened its App Store in this country. But of course, international laws are what they are. Iranian developers will have to find another way to publish their applications or wait until this problem is solved.


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