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Which is Better Aptoide or Aptoide lite

When you are dwelling in the era of smart things, you got to be smarter than things to make them operate smart for you. The smartness of the phone lies in its applications and tools. Not to mention, all these tools and software must be genuine, authenticated and authorized. Gooogle play store serves the purpose very well for all the Android smartphones. Still, if you are willing to have something beyond the play store that is equally authorized and safe, Aptoid is here for you! The Aptoide comes in two versions. Aptoide and Aptoide lite.

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Let us discuss in detail, What Aptoid is, Why Aptoide is necessary, Which version of Aptoide is beneficial for whom and so on.

Understanding the Aptoide application inside out

  1. The Aptoide is not available on Google Play store

The very first thing to know is that Aptoide app is not available on the google play store.  The reason behind this is the non-compete clause that is agreed upon by the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement. This is why many of the apps could not be found on Google App stores.

2. You have to install the Aptoide app from its official site

The Aptoide application’s download link is mentioned on its specific official website:

3. You have to modify your phone’s settings

By default, any smartphone’s settings won’t allow installing the unknown party app. For that, you need to enable the permission from the settings of the phone to allow the access for an unknown party to install the application.

The Ultimate Guide To Download Aptoide

Aptoide vs Aptoide Lite: The Similarities

  • Both the applications are exactly similar. The function they perform is the same. All that differs is only the size of the application. Other than that, Aptoide app and Aptoide lite app, both provide the similar service in almost all the aspects.
  • Both the Aptoide and Aptoide lite applications are highly customizable. They give the privileges to the user to create their own application store and share with their friends. This way, all the like-minded people can share the application they are using. Also, the pros and the cons of the apps could be discussed.
  • The tech nerds can even guide and tell other people whether to install the particular app on their phone or not. Or even, how to fix the bugs. Thus, Aptoide and Aptoide lite apps are extremely useful if you are very obsessed with the new and trending technologies around.
  • Along with the great gallery of applications, these Aptoid and Aptoide lite apps also allow you to be social. You can discuss your insights with other users of the particular app.

Aptoide vs Aptoide Lite: What’s the Difference?

  • When both the apps are alike, what was the need to create two different apps?
  • Well, both the apps are almost the same despite their sizes. The Aptoide lite app is specially created and designed for the slow processing or the low-end processors. The users who are very much concerned about their phone’s storage size but wants to enjoy the Aptoide service could opt for Aptoide lite app.
  • Not everyone can afford a smartphone that is high-end processing. Hence, the budget smartphone is very well compatible with the Aptoide lite app.
  • The Aptoide lite app provides all the features similar to Aptoide app. You do not really have to bother about your phone storage and processor specification.

For enjoying this fabulous app you have to just click at Aptoid Lite.


The Aptoide app is the very considerable substitute for Google play store, considering all its features. Now, coming to the point of whether to use Aptoide or Aptoide lite, both are very similar to one another. Hence, if you want to have excellent service by spending considerably less amount of memory and processing, you can consider the Aptoide lite app over Aptoide regular app. The difference between Aptoide app and Aptoide lite app is very same as facebook and facebook lite app.

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