Check Out The Difference Between Aptoide And Google Play Store


Hey Dear! Do you know the difference between Aptoide and Google Play Store? If you don’t know that, then this is the right page you come. Actually one day I thought that on the internet there are many app stores available but which App Store is really good! Then my little brother tells that brother Aptoide is a great App Store. Here you can download lots of applications and game also. Then I search the details of Aptoide.

For every Android Users, Google Play Store is the official market for applications. Google Developers develop Google Play Store and it is also pre-installed most of the Android device.  But there is one challenge comes that is Aptoide. And this is not found on the Google Play Store. And this is same as Google Play Store, but one thing I tell you that there is some difference available. Which I will be discussed below in this post.

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Google Play vs Aptoide:


The Play store may not be on top for forever this is because there are somethings which are forecasted to change, as the Aptoide has become the great competitor with its important or amazing features.

Google Play Store:

No, another android market can absolutely match the Play Store in the terms of reputation for this moment. At this time the Google Play Store has also become a brand.


It conditions of the security, that both of store are unimpeachable. Aptoide, for details, it is safe because Java develops this store. So when it comes to the report issues, then in that department there should be no trouble. This is because of millions of applications running on the JAVA.



It offers lots of applications which are not available on the Google Play Store. So, if you would not find an application from the Google Play Store, then you can also search it on the right away from the Aptoide.

Google Play Store:

Users should have lots of application to get when you contemplate both Google Play Store and Aptoide store. Here in the Google Play Store, you can’t find lots of application.  So that’s why I personally tell you that Aptoide is best.

Cost of Applications:

I think that the Google Play Store has both paid and free applications. But on the other hand, Aptoide is dissimilar, Aptoide offers all app even premium app for free. So that’s why I prefer Aptoide.



In the Aptoide here you will enable to return to the previous version of the application. At the same time, it enables you to build up your market and as it offers you to the showcase your applications.

Google Play Store:

It’ll be hopeless to go back to the previous version of the application if you have installed with Google Play Store. But in aptoide you can go to the previous version of a particular app and use it for free.

Regional Restriction:

Many countries like China have blocked the Google Play Store. Their people are not using Google Play Store anymore. Aptoide has no restriction. So people are using Aptoide and there are no regional barriers for using Aptoide in your smartphone.


Above are the difference between GooglePlay Store and Aptoide. I personally tell you that Aptoide is the best. Because here you can download all premium application for free. Some country blocked google play store but Aptoide is available anywhere. If you have any question about this article then go to our comment section and drop your question. Our expertise will give you the perfect answers.


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