Artificial Viruses That Help Cure Cancer


Science and technology are making big strides but even then cancer-related problems are still not able to find an effective solution. We see, year after year, how there does not seem to be any light appearing at the end of this dark tunnel.

Most cancer cells do not cause any reaction in the immune system, so they continue to grow without resistance, contrary to what happens with viruses which causes the body to release alarm signals immediately. That is what generated the idea at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, and at the University of Basel.

They have created artificial viruses that can be used to attack the cancer, viruses that alert the immune system and send them “resources” to help fight the tumor from within. In the journal Nature Communications they comment the details and it is already a trending topic on reddit.

Although immunotherapy is not something new in the fight against cancer, stimulating the immune system to specifically target cancer cells, effectively, is still a dream. The new design virus, based on lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), contains certain proteins that are found only in cancer cells, so the body considers them dangerous and attacks with an army of cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

Now they hope that these new discoveries and technologies will soon be used in cancer treatments. At the moment this virus design has already been patented through Unitec, a structure that offers advice as well as industrial and financial contacts with UNIGE, University Hospital and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Geneva, so it is possible that this may reach the pharmaceutical market soon.

Innovations pertaining to good health of human being are the best kind of innovations. As they help to make human life a little better and a little longer. However, fighting cancer has been the one place where many innovations have tried and failed so let’s hope that where everyone else failed this one may succeed. The reason behind this hope, I think, is about time we find something to protect us from cancerous cells and help get rid of cancer altogether.


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