At least 40 Million Nintendo Switch will be Sold by 2020, according to analysts

nintendo switch

Market analyst DFC Intelligence has been very optimistic with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, because it estimates that the new console of the Great N could sell, at least, 40 million machines until 2020.

Analyst David Cole makes clear that these are conservative forecasts, because it defines Switch as an “attractive console that can reach a large market. Given the limited catalog and the recent bad history of Nintendo releases, they have reduced our forecasts and we have been conservative.”

Cole also points to Christmas 2017 as a turning point for the machine. “Market demand is expected to be strong and the main problem with the system will be to see if it is capable of attracting a wider audience.” With this data on the table, Switch would improve the results of Wii U, which currently has sales of around 13 million consoles worldwide, approaching Nintendo 3DS figures.

The console is more expensive than the ones on the market right now. Yes, the others were more expensive three years ago, not now. It turns out that according to DFC Intelligence, a market analyst company specializing in video games, Nintendo will manage to sell 40 million Nintendo Switch by 2020 which is almost triple that Wii U.

Part of this supposed success is no doubt why Nintendo decides what to do with 3DS. But if the new console becomes the one that receives the Layton, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, Pokémon and Yokai Watch, in addition to the usual catalog of Nintendo, the user base and buyers is more than assured. In fact, Nintendo has already said that only in March will distribute 2 million consoles worldwide. But of course, Nintendo has to have the courage to cut fast for the healthy and let 3DS rest in peace.

Nintendo Switch goes on sale next February 3, 2017. If you are planning to get one, better wait till February to save some cash on this a bit expensive console.


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