Attention! In a Few Days You Will Have a Chance to Join the Xbox Insider Program

As we have told you on many occasions, the Insider format has been extended by numerous platforms from Office for iOS to Xbox. It is the latter that we are today, and is that Mike Ybarra has announced through his Twitter account that soon a new batch of users will be able to join Xbox Insider.

The reason cited in his contribution to the microblogging social network is to increase coverage. That is, getting more feedback from the Xbox community in implementing new features and improvements in the Microsoft ecosystem.

”We’re going to expand the pool of Xbox Insiders in the next few days to get more coverage. As always thanks for helping to create Xbox.”

In case you are not familiar with the term, Xbox Insider is the natural evolution of Xbox Preview. A branch of development that allows us to test new features before being officially released to other users of the console and where we commit to give our feedback to the company.

So if you are one of those that have been left out and you have not been able to enter the program, you must be attentive the next days to get a place. Are you a member of the Xbox Insider program? What are your opinions if you compare them with Windows Insi


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