Automattic Introduces Improvements to WordPress Editor

Automattic Improves WordPress Editor

Automattic has presented the improvements made to the user interface of the section of the edition of entries seeking to improve the workflow by simplifying (they say refining) the experience that users receive when creating their content. For this, different aspects have been taken into account to try to achieve that refinement that makes this section more functional and practical.

These improvements are already present in, the self-hosted service offered by Automattic for those users who want to have their own spaces on the web without having to complicate life with technical issues. Those WordPress users who have a version of this CMS installed on their own servers will also be able to access these improvements through the Jetpack plugin.

The improvements point to:

  • A new way of writing without distractions.
  • Recent drafts available from the top toolbar.
  • More clarity in the state of saving a publication.
  • And the preview and preview buttons are now permanently visible.

From Automattic they expect users to get to the point of forgetting how this section works, just by using it. They are aware that there is always room for improvement although they expect that these must be carried out in the section of editing, although in any case, the goal is to make it easy to manage and enjoyable for the users themselves.


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