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Avengers Endgame release date, cast, trailers, everything else

Marvel Cinematic Universe is ready to premiere its biggest hit and the most waited movie ever. The movie is the sequel of its previous hit Avengers Infinity War. Fans are curious about its release date, cast, trailers, etc about the Superhero movie. The movie is all about Superheros and their fight with Thanos who have vanished almost half of the universe. And here we have gathered the important updates that are available till now so that you can assume the movie in a glance. So let’s start our discussion about Avengers Endgame and discover the information which is vital for you.

Avengers Endgame release cast

Avengers Endgame: Fast facts


The initial trailer has arrived in the market in 2018. Iron Man is wandering the space and Captain America are thinking of the new methods to get victory over the Thanos. After it, one after another trailer have arrived and all have different scenes. I think after watching the trailers you can’t stop yourself to buy the tickets of Avengers Endgame.


One of the most curious thing among the fans is the title of the movie. Some are assuming that there would be Infinity included in the name of the movie. But Russo brothers who have directed Infinity War are claiming that the title will not contain Infinity. The real name is still in wraps and the directors are trying to hide it.


Indeed the plot of the upcoming Superhero giant is still under folds but the final version of the Avenger series would be the end of the epic war. Avengers would fight against the Thons and many characters will die. Endgame is the sequel of the Infinity war but the point is who will win the war?


Directors and writer of the Endgame

If you are a fan of Infinity War then no need to introduce Russo Brothers as the legendary movie was directed by them. Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are real brothers and they have directed the Endgame. Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Captain Ameria: Civil War are some blockbusters, they have directed together.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are the writers of the movie and they also have collaborated with Russo brothers in Captain America.

Avengers: Infinity War in a glance

Avengers Infinity War was all about to fight the against the Villian Thanos and his adopted children. Thanos has grabbed the most brawny stone from Planet Xander and later he gathered all the six stones and get victory in the war. And then with a snap, he wiped out the half of the universe. The most heartbreaking events in the previous infinity movie were the death of our favorite characters such as Spiderman, Black Panther, Guardians, Nebula and lots more. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America are the ones who have survived and now they all are ready to revive the world.

Spoilers of the upcoming movie

If you will get the blurred clips of the Endgame on your smartphones then there is the hand of spoilers to leak the footage of the movie. Actually, they got the clips and now they are viral it over the internet to spoil your curiosity. I don’t want to vanish my excitement to watch these clips and want to enjoy the movie fullest on the giant screen.

I am going to book my tickets what about you? 26 April will offer you the exact idea of the Movie and I think this information will give you a fair idea of the movie.



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