‘Battlefield 1’: Upgrade to the Deluxe Edition by Purchasing your Premium Pass

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced a new promotion, which will allow us to upgrade ‘Battlefield 1’ to your Deluxe Edition when you purchase your Premium Pass. All this without additional cost.

Remember that the Premium Pass of ‘Battlefield 1’ gives us access to four expansion packs, two weeks of early access to these, 14 Battlefields superiors of ‘Battlefield 1’ and more. To acquire it now, we would also receive all the contents of the Deluxe Edition, which are:

-The Pack of the Red Baron: loaded with thematic objects of the famous combat pilot.

-The pack of Lawrence of Arabia: objects and weapons that are based on the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia.

-3 aspects for vehicles: aspects for three of the largest vehicles in the game.

-5 Battlepacks: Each Battlepack contains a striking look for weapons or vehicles.

You can purchase the Premium Pass + Deluxe upgrade pack through the following digital stores, depending on your gaming platform.

PC (Origin)

PlayStation 4 (North America)

PlayStation 4 (Europe)

Xbox One

This promotion will be available for a limited time, ending on March 15. It should also be noted that the artifacts of the update to Deluxe Edition can only be unlocked once. Items that have been previously unlocked will not be re-awarded.

For more information visit this link.


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