‘Battlefield 1’: Vinyl Soundtrack Available Now on Amazon

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced that we can now acquire the original ‘Battlefield 1’ soundtrack in vinyl format, through a complete edition ideal for collectors.

The music of Battlefield 1, in a luxury edition is available through Amazon. This luxury vinyl game music edition includes a total of 17 fantastic ‘Battlefield 1’ themes, a 30 cm collector’s edition poster, a transparent PVC ‘Battlefield’ cover and a Download card that gives us access to 8 additional tracks in digital format.

The soundtrack of ‘Battlefield 1’ is composed by Johan Söderqvist and Patrik Andrén, in collaboration with DICE, who celebrated the launch of this new edition of their music. “We are very happy to release a version of the soundtrack on vinyl,” said Söderqvist and Andrén. “It’s the best format by far and we expect it to become a collector’s piece for the most faithful.”

The two composers have also commented some details about the process of creating the soundtrack of ‘Battlefield 1’, indicating that they were not limited to creating a music that “was well”, since both had a very clear vision, seeking to create a dark and emotional composition that reflects the devastation and emotional hell that war entails.

“It was a brutal war, we wanted people to perceive it without losing their energy. Of course, we also wanted to pay tribute to the ‘Battlefield’ tradition of using the classic theme in various variations and modalities.”

‘Shall Not Pass’, its first expansion that will introduce four new maps, a new game mode, new weapons and armored vehicles, in addition to the possibility of playing with the French army, among other things. You can get this soundtrack from Amazon.


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