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QR Codes….a well known name in terms of getting information quickly. Either you are running an online or offline ecommerce store or you wants to check out the authenticity of any brand, QR code became the most important feature which everyone needs to have on his phone. Today, I am going to tell you Latest Free QR code generators which are more than enough to create and use qr code in any way.

If you are a industrialist than you probably know the importance of QR Codes because a large number of industrialists and marketers use QR Codes in their business for providing information. All the mobile phones with camera app are running QR Code reading software but if you create your own QR Code using the QR Code Generator Software, is the best.

Two forms of QR Codes available. First one is Static QR Code which can not be changed after creating and second one is Dynamic QR Code form to which we can change according to need. But according to today’s advanced technology, I will suggest you to create The Dynamic QR Code. Before generating a Dynamic code you have to check the features like generation, error correction, Ad-free and tracking scanning activity etc.

Here I am trying to help you for creating your own QR Code by choosing the best software according to your need. So take a look below and choose the best one.

Top 5 QR Code Generator:

By shuffling many QR Code Generator Softwares, I tried to choose best ones for you. Going to state the specifications of the 5 best QR Code Generator, you should try.

1. Visualead:

best software to create qr code






I put Visualead on first because I think it is one of the best software for generating QR Code because it provide you branded and effective codes with more scanning. It multiplies your leads and user engagement. It provides you VISUAL QR CODES, with its help you can make your code more engaging and beautiful with the help of images.

Visualead also help you in creating your own mobile landing page. With the help of your landing page you can check the number of scans and also know your users better.

2. QR-Code Monkey:

best software to create qr code







Now its time to talk about the most popular QR Code Generator among millions of people..Yes it is QR-Code Monkey. It is free of cost. It proveids endless lifetime features with unlimited scan, engaging designs, QR Code with logo,Custom design and colors.

Its main feature is that all QR Codes generated by you are absolutely free. You can use it for your business purpose and anywhere you want.

3. BeQRious:

BeQRious as its name shows, it comes with unique features with qr code generation, contact information, phone number and Facebook Twitter links and many more. It is widely used as comparatively others because it can create QR Code of Graphic+Text info.

It is a free online generator but for premium features you have to pay. Premium features helps you in tracking and managing all QR Codes created by you. Premium codes also have dynamic QR code features.

4. QFus:

best software to create QR code






Wanna know about that software which make your code more engage, attractive and converting?? Yes we are talking about QFuse, hugely used by million of people.

By using this generator you can generate dynamic codes with mobile friendly content and also track your progress report without any programming skill. You can examine the number of scan, user activity, location and device type which helps you to know the user engagement for your site.

You can place QR Code made with this software anywhere like brouchers, posters and TV display because they are more reliable.

5. Scanova:

lastly lets talk about Scanova Qr Code Generator for getting quick online traffic. Scanova runs many organizers with which you can generate, design and track yourself within minutes.

It provides you 23 types of codes with appealing features for more scans. They are able to track number of scans with time, date and device type. Scanova provides you Dynamic Codes which are changeable according to your need. It also has readymade landing pages for your projects. Thus it is highly recommended for you.

So guys I traced out the 5 best softwares to generate QR Code for your own. Its your choice which one you like to use, all depends on your need and business. Was this article helpful for you. Your suggestions are highly recommended so that I can provide you better information.Waiting for your response….


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