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Discord Themes: 10 Best Better Discord Themes [2021]

Better Discord Themes

Started as a social gaming platform for mobile gamers, the Discord App has expanded to a wide range of audiences. Today in 2021, it’s considered an instant messaging & digital distribution platform used for creating communities.

That’s all great but do you know despite the limitation set on its appearance, you can overhaul its looks by installing discord themes on it.

That’s quite possible using a third-party software known as Better Discord. So, going ahead in this post, I’ll be sharing some steps to install & uninstall Better Discord on your PC. Along with this, I’ll be listing 10 of my favorite discord themes. Now, let’s get started:

How to Install Better Discord?

First thing first, you need to know how to install Better Discord on your PC. Without it, you can’t install any of the available better discord themes/plugins.

So, next up, I’ll be sharing 5 steps that you need to know for installing Better Discord on your Windows or Mac PC. Let’s get started:

  1. First, go to and find the latest version of the app for your respective device.
  2. Click on it to start the downloading process.
  3. Run the setup file and follow the installation process to install the app on your device.

Close the Discord app from the background, restart it & go to settings. At the bottom right corner, you’ll see better discord as an installed app in Discord.

How to Install Better Discord Themes?

Now, comes the hard part. Choosing a suitable theme from hundreds of themes. Don’t think too much as I’ll guide you through its complete process. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the Better Discord Themes Library
  2. Select a theme you like & click on download to begin the process.

That’s easy. Isn’t it? Next up is installing your selected theme in Discord. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the Better Discord app.
  2. Open the User Settings.
  3. Scroll down and under BANDAGED BD, you’ll see the Themes. Click on it.
  4. Next, open the Theme Folder
  5. Copy & paste the downloaded theme into the theme folder & you’re all set.

That’s it. Refresh better discord to see the theme appearing Better Discord. However, in case you’re having difficulty is setting all this up, I would recommend you to watch this complete video:

10 Best Better Discord Themes

Here’s my list of 10 best themes in Better Discord:


I’ll start this list with a gorgeous ‘Great Mountain Site Theme’. As the name suggests, the theme features a great mountain site with a beautiful visible in front of it. From colors to object’s opacity, The colors, object’s opacity, everything looks quite polished.

Downloads – 15,000 and counting.


Dark Discord by zzzmario is the 2nd discord theme on this list. This theme does not make any major changes in the appearance of the discord app. Instead, it changes the discord app to make it look in the complete dark.

Usually, most discord theme comes with a hint of light grey color. Hence, make it a lot better than several themes available on the web.

Downloads: 35,000 and counting


The reborn theme is the 3rd one on the list. Similar to the ClearVision theme, it’s focused on providing more & more customization to its users.

In fact, it goes one step ahead of its counterpart, ClearVision. Further, you can try out all its customization to fall in love with this theme.

Downloads: 24,000 and counting.


The black hole theme is one of the highest-rated Discord themes. The name of this suggests it’s related to Space.

And this one pleases in every aspect of how a space theme should be. And most important of all, this one also comes eye-pleasing dark black background for a night owl like me!

Downloads: 35,000 and counting.


The Midnight UI is another polished discord theme like the great mountain site theme. The best thing about this theme is that it generates quite a different look as compared to the traditional Discord.

Even though it’s a great theme, sadly, it’s not suitable for everyone. So, do try it once before dismissing it right away. As far as my personal experience is considered, this theme reminds me of a simpler theme that comes with many features.

Downloads: 20,000 and counting.


Created by Purple Wizard, the Elysia theme is considered a theme that comes with some features.

Day by day, the theme is getting popular as an RGB theme that you can customize the way you want.

Downloads: 11,000 and counting


The sunset theme is the 7th one in this long list of 10 Discord themes. As the name of the theme suggests, it features a beautiful and pretty big sunset as the background. Hence, giving the entire theme a pink accent.

Further, the sunset theme adds shadows to the theme to make sure the text is visible in the background.

Downloads: 15,000 and counting


The radialstatus theme is quite a simple discord theme that does not make any major changes to discord. And the only changes it makes are wrapped around the profile. That’s probably the reason why it’s downloaded by a limited number of users.

Downloads: 2,000 & counting.


As the name suggests, the wonderful & green forest theme shows greenery in the background. No bright colors or over-the-top design. All you see is the beauty of nature everywhere.

Hence, making it quite a relaxing theme for both eyes and mind

Downloads: 7,000 and counting


Last but the least discord theme in this list the nocturnal theme. It’s a dark theme the but unlike the Dark Discord Theme mentioned above, this one changes the color to matte purple.

That’s not the only thing it is giving a tough fight to the Dark Discord theme. The nocturnal theme provides an additional feature that lets the user resize a few things. Hence, modifying the overall looks of the discord app to a great extent.

Downloads: 5,000 and counting

Better Discord Theme Maker: Create Your Own Theme

There are many discord users who prefer to install better discord themes without making changes to them. But what if you want to do something different?

By different, I mean creating or customizing a better discord theme as per their likings.

So, is this possible?

YEAH! Very much.

You can use popular platforms like and to make changes to the discord theme templated as per your requirement.

To create a customized better discord theme:

  1. You simply have to visit any of the two websites.
  2. Select the available discord theme template and start making changes to it.
  3. Once done, save all the changes.
  4. And at last, download the customized better discord theme & later upload it to change your discord’s appearance as per your taste.

5 Expert Solutions to Fix Better Discord Not Working Errors

It doesn’t matter which better discord theme you install on top of the default discord app, it’s likely possible that you might run into some unknown errors.

Errors that may force stop you from screen sharing with others or setting up the discord overlay.

But don’t worry, I’m gonna help you fix the error with 100% working solutions. Let’s get started:

Restart the Discord App Altogether

Sometimes, simple solutions can fix many complicated errors. And in case, you’re going through such a stage, the very 1st thing you can do is quit the discord app & restart it completely.

However, in doing so, make sure you’ve terminated the discord process running in the background. Otherwise, the discord app will keep on running despite your effort of closing it down by using the combination keys “ALT + F4“.

Remove Custom Themes & Plugins

As posted above, there are many themes & plugins that are tailor-made for the discord app. However, what if the better discord error you’re facing is only because of a particular theme or plugin installed in the discord app?

If that’s the case, then the best thing you can do is uninstall every third-party add-on right away. Once done, begin installing each theme, plugin & re-enable discord slow mode and streamer mode add-ons one by one to verify which one has caused the particular error you’re facing.

Remove the “bdstorage.json” File

In the better discord installation folder, there’s a file named “bdstorage.json.”

By removing this file alone, most of your problems related to better discord will vanish like they were never there in the 1st place.

You can find this file by going to:


Remember, you just have to move the bdstorage.json file to some other place. Deletion of this file may result in the current installation of a better discord app going corrupt.

Repair Better Discord

Before I go ahead & share the final resort to fix some unknown better discord app not working errors, you should try to repair the existing better discord installation in the following ways:

  1. First, open the better discord installer – BandagedBD & right away, you’ll see an option to repair the better discord installation. Click on it.
  2. Next up, you’ll see 3 options – Install, Repair, & Uninstall. Select the 2nd option & the repairing process will begin automatically.

How to Uninstall Better Discord?

Even after trying all these solutions mentioned in this list, the final resort for you would be to uninstall the better discord application and restart afresh. In case you’re wondering here’s how you can uninstall it completely from your PC:

  1. Once again, download the Better Discord installer if you don’t already have it.
  2. Open the Better Discord setup file & click on Uninstall BandagedBD to remove this app from your PC.
  3. If you’ve installed Better Discord on the stable version of Discord, select the Remove from Stable check box.
  4. Lastly, check the Remove all BandagedBD data.
  5. And click on Uninstall to remove Better Discord app from your PC.

Restart your PC to see all the necessary changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I created a customized Better Discord Theme. Will it work on my Discord Android & iOS app?

Well, if you’ve already applied the theme on Discord’s desktop client then all the changes would automatically be applied to the mobile client of the Discord app.

Is it legal to use Better Discord add-ons with the official discord app?

Technically, client mods are against Discord’s TOS as they modify the way Discord App should originally work. Moreover, mods like better discord aren’t approved by the Discord App. So, in a way, the better discord mod is illegal to use.


If used properly, Better Discord can be a useful tool in customizing the overall look of your discord. That’s all for now. I hope this post helped install the discord theme of your choice.

In case you face Discord Javascript Error in installing a theme on your discord, uninstall the Better Discord & reinstall it to see whether the issue is fixed or not.

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