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Which Android Emulator is Best For Your PC

Android apps and games become the necessity of today’s lifestyle. As the name shows these apps specially designed for your android devices but in case if you want to enjoy them on your PC/Laptop then what will you do? Android emulators play a magnificent role in terms of using android apps on your big screen devices. In recent years the popularity of emulators has increased rapidly because of their easy access. We use emulators for running apps but gaming is the most important factor which inspired us to download emulators.

The Best Emulator for Your PC/Laptop/Windows 7,8,10

Before describing the features and specialities of different emulators I would like to point out one thing that the constancy and speed of emulators depend on your computer’s performance. Some emulators come with specific features but you will observe after installing that the interface does not change much as they claim. For your ease, I have made a list of best emulators for your desktop, I will present a comparative analysis, check them and pick the best one.

Bluestacks 3

Let’s discuss one of the venerable Android simulator available presently in vend. It is not only the oldest one but also the most habitually used emulators because of its specialties. Bluestacks considered as one of the best simulators as it is easy to use. The emulator comes with numerous features and there are two versions present of it. Free and paid. It’s your choice whether you want free or paid.


Genymotion specially designed for developers for testing their products safely. You can access it on various versions of the Android operating system. The developers always require to test their apps on collective devices without the availability of devices. Genymotion makes their work easy. This simulator is not for ordinary users and it helps developers to be confirmed that their app is successfully run on various versions.


Are you looking for an emulator especially for playing online games then Nox is the foremost alternative for you. We all know that we acquire lots of controls while playing online games. Nox is attributed with sufficient quantity of controls for windows and PC for game lovers. There are few of emulators which provides you the full-sized game controller for you but Nox claims for it.

If you like any emulator and thinks about the game, then there are best android games which you can play on PC with these emulators.


Until now, KoPlayer is not so hugely accepted emulator and users hesitate to give it a try in their devices. The reason behind it that it is a newbie and people believe in older ones. It claims for many superior features and typically it is designed for game lovers. KoPlayer serves as a gamer-centric emulator but also provide you with a unique feature, Recap. Here in this emulator, you can record your best gaming experiences and can upload to your desired place. Simultaneously there are some bugs to be fixed out.


Last but not least, Discuss our next simulator Droid4X, the best choice for gamers. Lots of people say there are many peaks and valleys and it is not the best choice. Although the users are not expressing their interest but it can perform well in any situation. It is designed especially to think about online gamers. There may be a variation in your opinion about it but definitely, it works evenly.

Which one is the best Emulator to be Ran on your Desktop

Well, above I highlighted the 5 best emulators for your Pc. You are wise enough to choose the best one according to your requirement. If you are a developer then Genymotion would be the choice for you and if you are a game lover then I traced out other options, all depends on you, how you observe and pick. All have different functionality and features so analyze them according to your taste. If you ask me personally then my answer would be the Bluestacks, considered as one of the best emulators ever.

It’s time for your action. If you want to know about a specific simulator comment below and if you ever used any of above-mentioned emulator, share your experiences with us.





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