An Overview About Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker, commonly referred to as an activity tracker, is a wearable fitness device which tracks your daily fitness levels.

An Overview

They help people learn about their all-round fitness and activity levels and act as a catalyst for becoming more active and for losing weight.

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Fitness trackers can be worn on several different places on the body depending on which tracker you opt for. There are pros and cons for wearing trackers on different parts of your body. The key is choosing one based on your needs and what activities and metrics you want to view.

  • Attached to your belt
  • Clipped to an item of clothing; bra or t-shirt
  • In your trouser pocket
  • On your wrist
  • On your ankle


The best fitness trackers are packed with tech including multiple accelerometers which track movement and steps made calculated into distance, miles or kilometers. An altimeter for tracking floors climbed or elevation is particularly useful for walkers, runners, climbers, hikers and bikers.

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Many trackers pack in a sleep monitor which tracks your sleeping quality and builds up a picture of your all-around sleeping patterns. Some trackers claim to measure time spent in the different stages of sleep.

Most fitness trackers calculate the number of calories burned through physical activity or game. Some of the more specialist and top-rated fitness trackers can measure calories consumed such as the Healbe GoBe.

All-Round Fitness Tracking

Fitness trackers appeal to a wide range of people of differing ages and who participate in different sporting activities. As they intended to be worn 24×7, they are ideal for tracking your general movement. If you’re looking to understand your fitness levels, to learn about yourself and want to track your fitness activity levels throughout the course of the week, then a fitness tracker is a spot on. Fitness trackers are not however intended to capture sport specific metrics like GPS and sports watches can track.

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Water Proof Fitness Tracker

There are a lot of fitness tracker available in the market but are they waterproof? Are they safe in water or rainy season? Most of them won’t survive in a pool, shower, game or heavy rain. That’s why I am giving you some name which makes you easy to choose the right one like Versa, Apple Watch Series 3, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, the Moov, Fitbit etc. So you can choose according to your requirements and budget.

Complimentary Online, Tablet, And Mobile Account

The majority of fitness trackers come with a complimentary mobile and tablet app linked to a central online web platform. They typically sync all the data captured on your fitness tracker via Bluetooth. Once synced, your data is then presented in an elegant yet simplistic manner, helping you uncover your fitness trends. It’s a great way to discover yourself, to help you monitor your progress in real time. In addition to your online account is the ability to connect and compete with your family and friends which creates an additional dimension to your fitness tracker.

Final Words

Science is progressing day by day. Technical tools are making us aware about problems and challenges in our body. Fitness tracker is one of the best tools for worth wearing now a days. Fitness tracker analyses all the activity like heartbeat, walking distance, walking steps, sleeper pattern etc. If you have any question regarding fitness tracker please write in the comment box given below.


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