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10 Best Games Like Brave Frontier

Looking for mobile RPGs similar to Brave Frontier?

I’ve curated 10 top games offering thrilling quests, strategic battles, and immersive character development.

Traverse vivid universes, command diverse characters, and tackle challenges. Ready for a new adventure?

Let’s get started with this list of 10 games like Brave Frontier.

Brave Frontier
Brave Frontier

1. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

A mobile RPG, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius merges iconic elements of the Final Fantasy series with Brave Frontier-style gameplay. Engage in turn-based combat, explore immersive dungeons, and collect an expansive cast of heroes to save the world from darkness.

Available on Android and iOS.

2. Summoners War

Summoners War is an engaging mobile strategy RPG that invites you to venture into a mystical universe rife with battles, strategy, and an assortment of monsters to collect. Offering an extensive list of over 1000 monsters, each with unique attributes and characteristics, the game allows you to enhance and evolve these creatures, making your army even stronger.

The game challenges you to strategize and craft the best team combination to win battles. Your war will be fought far across expansive dungeons, gigantic boss raids, and against real players worldwide in the player versus player (PvP) arena.

Available on Android and iOS.

3. Fire Emblem Heroes

This mobile strategy RPG, Fire Emblem Heroes, appeals to fans and newcomers alike. Handpick heroes with unique skills, engage in tactical battles and save the Kingdom by overcoming challenging maps.

Available on Android and iOS.

4. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

This mobile action RPG combines the iconic Dragon Ball Z universe with RPG gameplay. Collect and assemble a powerful team of fighters, participate in events, and face foes in iconic battles.

Available on Android and iOS.

5. Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and Dragons is a highly captivating mobile game that fuses match-3 puzzle gameplay with RPG elements, presenting a unique and addictive gaming experience. As a player, your primary objective is to match elemental orbs on the screen to launch attacks, recover health, and generate other beneficial effects based on the orbs’ properties.

In this extensive universe, you embark on a journey to assemble a team of monsters endowed with specific abilities and unique characteristics. As you progress, you can evolve your monsters by leveling them up and unlocking more potent skills. The game offers over 2000 distinct monsters to collect, providing various strategic options and a virtually endless combination of team builds.

Available on Android and iOS.

6. Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a visually stunning RPG with a captivating storyline and strong PvP mechanics. Collect charming anime-style heroes, engage in exciting battles, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure.

Available on Android and iOS.

7. Terra Battle

Designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, Terra Battle is a tactical RPG offering grid-based combat, intriguing strategies, and a captivating story. With Nobuo Uematsu’s engrossing music, you are in for an immersive experience on your Android device.

Currently available on Android.

8. Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls* is an action RPG based on the popular Bleach anime. Relive the story, control your favorite characters, and engage in thrilling real-time battles in this captivating mobile game.

Available on Android and iOS.

9. Puzzles & Survival

A hybrid game encompassing match-3 puzzle and survival elements, Puzzles & Survival offers a unique experience. Defend against the undead, solve match-3 puzzles, and rebuild your stronghold in this post-apocalyptic world.

Available on Android.

10. One Piece Treasure Cruise

Based on the popular One Piece anime, this RPG allows you to collect and battle with your favorite characters. Experience unique tap-timing combat mechanics, form your crew, and embark on a captivating pirate adventure.

Available on Android and iOS.

Please note that the availability of these games may vary by region.

Final Words

These games are more than just alternatives to Brave Frontier; they offer a unique experience and exciting gameplay that will keep you engaged and entertained.

If you found these games fun, share them with your gaming buddies.

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