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Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700x [2021]

Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700x

Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700x

Based on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture, Ryzen 7 3700X is a high-performance 2nd generation microprocessor. It’s an excellent CPU for gamers. With 8 cores & 16 threads, it’s capable to run high-end games like Battlefront II, GTA 5. Yeah! I get it.


But I’m not here to praise the AMD’s processor. For this, you can refer to my previous post where I had explained everything about AMD Ryzen 3000 series processor.

Instead, I’m here to recommend you the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X. Talking about this post, I’ve categorized this post into 3 sections:

Let’s get started:

Best High-Performance Motherboard – Crosshair VIII Hero X570

Crosshair VIII Hero X570

I’m starting with one of the high performing motherboards for Ryzen 7 3700X – Asus Crosshair VIII Hero X570. After delivering a powerful CPU, Asus released the X570 motherboard at a much lower price than that of MSI X570 Godlike and Gigabyte X570 Aorus Xtreme.

It’s a perfect option if you’re looking to overclock the Zen 2 processors and as compared to Aorus Xtreme & Extended-ATX Godlike, it brings the overall size of your system down at a standard ATX form factor.

However, despite all this competitiveness in VRM performance, you need to think hard about whether it’s even remotely justifiable to spend an additional $130 for motherboards like Aorus Xtreme and the Godlike. Further, Asus Crosshair VIII Hero X570 comes with:

Best Budget Motherboard – ASROCK B450 Steel Legend

ASROCK B450 Steel Legend

Back in 2002, ASROCK was spun off from Asus to compete against Foxconn for the commodity OEM market. Later it became a separate company. Today, you can consider it as ASUS’ current subsidiary ROG.

Similar to the ROG series, ASROCK B450 Steel Legend designs a number of enthusiastic products for gamers. Hence, making it one best-budgeted motherboards in the market. And as for, ASUS B450 motherboard, it’s based on their mid-range chipset B450.

Best Overall Motherboard – ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate

ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate

The last entry in this list is ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate. In terms of price comparison, X470 is way cheaper than its high performing counterpart ASUS Crosshair VII Hero.

It’s a complete package when both Performance & price matters to you. You can use this motherboard on Ryzen 7 3700X & even on 3800X to overclock the CPU the way you want.

X470 comes with these features:


I’ve listed all the required options for you to choose the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X. Now, it’s the decision time. Look at all the features mentioned at the top & decide which motherboard is suitable for your 3000 series Ryzen processor.

I guess by now you might have made up your mind. So, what is your choice? Do let me know about it in the comments section given below.

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