Best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons for Security and Privacy

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We cannot deny that the Internet is an unsafe place. It is insecure and additionally it is filled with all kinds of functions that seek, by all means, to identify and follow us through the network, sometimes for advertising purposes and other times with much darker intentions. Even though web browsers, especially Firefox, often incorporate functions to improve privacy and security when surfing the web but more often than not these measures turn out to be insufficient. So it never hurts to have different extensions like the ones we are going to see that are designed to help us improve the safety and privacy of our navigation.

Firefox is the second most used web browser and in addition, unlike Google Chrome, is a browser much more private than its predecessor as it does not constantly send information to Google. However and thanks to the extensions that we are going to see below, we will be able to make our Firefox even more secure.

Extensions to improve security and privacy when browsing with Firefox


The first of the extensions that we must have in order to improve the security when surfing the Internet using Firefox is NoScript. It is one of the extensions that is more veteran and important for this navigator. This extension is responsible for detecting and blocking the execution of all scripts of a web page so that when visiting that page, we avoid running certain code in our system that can be used, for example, to exploit vulnerabilities or distribute malware.

Source: NoScript

HTTPS Everywhere

Another of the security-related extensions that should not be missing in our Firefox is HTTPS Everywhere. This extension allows us to enable HTTPS connections by default on the pages we visit, thereby avoiding the establishment of a connection over HTTP and also avoiding our data to be captured without encryption in the network.

Source: HTTPS Everywhere

WOT – Safe Browsing

Thirdly, to avoid loading dangerous web pages or that of dubious reputation, another extension that should be in our browser is WOT, an extension that indicates us with colors similar to those of a semaphore the reliability of any web page, even before Enter it (for example, by searching Google).

Source: WOT


Already involved in issues to improve the privacy of our browser, another extension that we cannot ignore is Ghostery. Thanks to it, we will be able to know all the scripts and all APIs that are loaded on any web page and prevent them from running so that certain code is not loaded in the browser, preventing, for example, the Google API Follow our navigation and considerably improve our privacy.

Source: Ghostery


Finally, to further improve our privacy we can talk about Anonymox. This extension works in a similar way to a VPN and allows us, for example, to hide our real IP, visit censored websites and also eliminate cookies and temporary files in our browser that may pose a danger to our privacy.

Source: AnonymoX


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