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10+ Best Rabbit Alternatives Working in 2021

It was a sad day in 2019 when a rabbit was shut down.

Originally, the website went bankrupt and the owner was forced to sell its movie rights to

Today, it’s been over two years, there has not been a single platform that seems to replace

So, going forward in this post, I will list Ten rabbit Alternatives that have the potential to replace streaming platform.

However, before I do that, I will begin to remind you what additional perks you used to get in the rabbit streaming service.

Originally designed to help friends and families to share the same video you’re watching with each other. It transformed into a complete watch party platform over the years.

It used to provide what seemed to be a modern platform where you can invite up to 25 participants. And the best part of all of this was that the complete service was available for free.

Despite some downsides, managed to win over millions of users worldwide who were willing to pay for using such a useful website.

However, despite all this effort, no one could save the website from shutting its door.

Now that a completely reliable and trustworthy streaming website is gone. Users like me and you are looking for a better alternative.

Rabbit Alternative websites that would actually make the difference.

So, that’s was one of the primary reasons I wanted to share 10 rabbit alternatives that you can use as per your requirement. Let’s get the party started:

Best Rabbit Alternatives

Stream Party

When it comes to Rabbit stream party is the closest you can get in 2021.

The website has got an up-to-date video database of over 100K movies and TV series episodes.

Stream Party lets you host both public and private streams.

Public Stream Party

As expected, you can host public stream parties with 50 other participants free of cost.

If you don’t want to create one, simply head over to the dashboard and Join in any of the available public stream parties.

When in a public stream party, it’s highly likely that, you would make some friends belonging to the same movie genre you like.

You can stay in touch with them over text using Pulse SMS. So, next time, whenever you get an urge of watching a particular movie, you can simply invite them to watch it over with you.

Private Stream Party

Private Stream Party is the best option when you are looking to host Stream Party with your friends and family members.

This would be completely private and no one from the general public would be able to join it.


Best Rabbit Alternatives

If you don’t want to get into all this signup process, then you can use Kosmi to connect with your friends and family virtually.

All you need is a setup where you have connected with them over a webcam.

If that’s not possible, you can even share your browser tab or screen on your smartphone.

When connected, you can watch synced YouTube videos along with the connected members.

Not only that if you ever get the urge of playing games, then too, you can connect with your friends to play Play NES and SNES emulator-based games.

If you don’t want the stream to be private anymore, then you can simply paste the URL on the open web. And right away even strangers would be able to join you as you watch your favorite movies and TV shows in a group.


It gets quite irritating when watching videos along with your friends and family and every dialogue sync out.

You don’t want that, right?

So, what you can do is simply use Watch2gether to create your own chat room, and that too without the unnecessary signup process.

Once created, you can invite as many users as you want. However, the only limitation is that you can use the platform to stream videos on platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Along with that, you can use it to listen to your favorite music or podcast on SoundCloud and which live streams to cheer your favorite twitch streamers.

Despite the lack of access to popular streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix, Watch2gether has managed to have a large collection of free videos. And tbh, that’s been nothing but a big mystery for me. What about you?


Best Rabbit Alternatives

Unlike many websites mentioned in this list, this one comes with somewhat a unique live synchronization feature. Playback feature that’s quite helpful when you play a round of karaoke with your friends and family connected in a watch party.

And as a consumer point of view, this enhances the overall streaming experience for many users as it lets you connect with others at almost ZERO latency mode along with the Nvidia device.

As far as support is concerned, Metastream lets you get videos from popular video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube.

Along with that, it has picked up many pictures from such as video queuing, on-screen chat & more.


Best Rabbit Alternatives

Ever since the shutdown, this rabbit alternative has stayed ahead of its race by allowing its users to connect with their friends and family in 2 unique manner – Virtual browsers and remote sharing.

Now in 2021, just like that, Invited lets you do the same thing at absolutely no cost.

However, Unlike, you can’t get everything for free as Invited asks you to pay for some subscription fee if you need some special perks.

For instance. With the free plan, you can only Have the watch parties for up to 3 hours.

The pricing of its paid plan starts at $5 per month and its yearly plan costs you a total of $50.

With a clean yet minimalist design, Invited lets you make voice and video calls in low-latency mode.

Once you are connected with your friends and family, you can use YouTube, Disney+, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix account to start watching movies, videos of your choice.


Tutturu is mainly used if you want to create private and public chat rooms to invite users without putting up any effort.

Even though Tutturu is completely free, you can obtain the rabbit alternative for its Premium plan to make sure you do not have to wait in line. And to be honest, no one likes to sit in a line and face unprecedented timeouts.

Still, the premium plan is optional at $5 per month or $50 per year.

If you plan to opt for the Premium plan, make sure you are ready to get into the world of limitless virtual pace.

Sync Video

Whenever I get some time to kill, I always prefer to watch YouTube videos.

But why watch it alone when you can watch it with your closest ones using Sync Video. I know this sounds challenging for some but all you’ve to is create a room and share it with them.


If you are creating a private room, then you can also set up a password to make sure no one gets access to it. Even the users who are trying to break into your privacy.

Once you finish watching videos, you can use sync video to add and delete videos in real-time.

The only major problem I have with sync video is that it does not support streaming from other popular streaming sites such as Hulu, Netflix, or even Amazon Prime.

Well, to be honest, there are many sites that you can use to watch Netflix or Hulu shows & movies. But there are only a few who solely focuses in providing YouTube related service.

And once again that too with no conditions.


It’s a completely free app that could replace your requirement of adding emojis into the live chat.

However, with seamless video sharing and streaming experience, lets you upload files to another digital service called My Cloud.

That’s amazing. Isn’t it.

However, despite putting in all this effort, you might get steer-away from the website because of its complicated registration process. Remember, no one likes to add unnecessary complications to their daily routine & doesn’t help you in that.


Best Rabbit Alternatives

Syncplay provides a unique computer-stored video playback feature that you won’t find with any other rabbit alternative mentioned in this list.

Once you have created a room and shared its link with your friends, you can watch shared videos in real-time and that too, without storing them on your computer.

The rooms you create using syncplay supports both audio and video chats which is great for users with different requirements.


TwoSeven is a streaming platform that lets you stream videos from popular streaming sites like Netflix Hulu YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more with ZERO latency.

For the past 2 months, I’ve been using its service to watch my favorite horror shows with my friends at night. And during my time with TwoSeven, I’m found the available features to be quite interesting.

Unlike the other rabbit alternatives mentioned in this list, using TwoSeven is a bit different.

I know you might be wondering HOW? Well, I’ll not let you wait in this regard.

When using TwoSeven, you’re asked to install a Chrome extension that will give you complete freedom over which website you want to stream along with your friends.

Netflix Party

Best Rabbit Alternatives

The name gives it away.

It’s a website that is Primarily made for you to stream anything you like on Netflix. Even the restricted ones.

As it is a website tailor-made for Netflix, you won’t face any problem when it comes to sync & latency-related issues.

To be precise if you only want to use rabbit alternatives to watch Netflix shows and moves, then I don’t think you should look anywhere else other than Netflix Party as it is sufficient enough to fulfill all your requirements.


Once again the name gives it away as Sharetube lets you watch YouTube videos along with a set of public and private users.

Its usage is quite straightforward.

Create a room. Share the YouTube video you want to watch in the room.

And you’re done. Next up, a notification is sent to every member following the room to have an interactive session throughout the interval.

Anime party

I have many friends who love watching Anime.

And now and then they keep creating rooms to watch anime such as one punch man, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter and so on.

Even though I am not that much interested in anime shows in any way, the shows can be helpful for you if you prefer watching animes over Mainstream TV series or movies available online.


Whether you want to chill out by watching videos or have an interactive session while streams of your popular YouTube or Twitch streamers.

Then I believe Parsec is the only legit option you have got in your hand. Do you know WHY?

Because it’s exclusively made for you to live broadcast videos of your favorite streamer.

Despite the major support for gaming enthusiasts, Parsec does not support audio messages or webcam.


Best Rabbit Alternatives

As the name suggests, the platform is available to make sure you enjoy watching videos with your loved ones.

With no latency whatsoever and a real-time streaming experience, Togethertube is a popular platform to play content available from SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion.

This also makes sure that you do not miss out on the fun happening all over the streaming world.

Togethertube has also come up with a unique feature where you can get access to voted categories & also lets access a particular set of videos you like.

Final Words

I know, it’s not that easy to use another platform. Especially when you have got used to the original website.

I Strongly believe that websites mentioned in this post can somehow manage to fill up the void that was left by in 2019.

That is all for now.

If you got any other rabbit alternatives in mind, then do share them with us in the comment section given below.

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