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5 Best RapidGator Premium Link Generator [2021]

Last year, Google shocked everyone by announcing the end of free unlimited photos and drive storage support.

After months of the announcement, it came into effect in June 2021.

Now, after this setback, if you want to save your photos or data online, how would you do it?

Especially when you have got a huge chunk of data with you.

To be frank, It’s quite difficult to manage it.

So, in that case, RapidGator premium can be a better option than Google drive or even Microsoft OneDrive in many ways.

However, it’s not a free platform. You do need to pay for it?

It’s not as costly as the other platforms available in the competition.

Still, if you can’t afford the RapidGator Premium plan then you can use Rapidgator Premium Link Generator to make the most out of its premium service free of cost.

But before I share links with you, it is important to know how this Rapidgator premium link generator works and why you should use them to safeguard your data online.

Let’s get started:

Best RapidGator Premium Link Generator

How Does Rapidgator Premium Link Generator Works?

If you have been hosting files on popular cloud servers such as turbo bit, then it’s highly likely that you might already know about it.

A premium link generator allows you to download that particular data to your device.

You see without the premium access, it is nearly impossible to get that data back as you are bound to some limitations.

Limitations such as slow download speed & increased wait time.

And once you have eliminated this factor using the premium plans, you’re completely free from everything you want to do with your data.

Why Should You Use the RapidGator Premium link Generator?

That’s the second most important question many users are asking.

Why should you get a rapid Gator premium link generator instead of directly buying its monthly or yearly premium plans?

Well, the answer is simple.

You get almost all the premium features with the Rapidgator link generator. Then why would you want to spend monthly fees on the rapid Gator premium plans?

Even though you’ll get all the basic features for free, if you feel like you need to support the developers, you can go ahead and purchase the subscription plan in a legit way.

Premium Link Generator vs Free Link Generator

Premium Link Generator

Free Links Generator

RapidGator Premium Plans

The Rapid Gator premium plan starts at the monthly pricing of $14.99, which goes up to $99.99 for a year.

Before purchasing these subscription plans, there is one thing you need to keep in mind.

The files that you have stored in RapidGator would be deleted after 60 days it was last downloaded.

And as far as the payment method is concerned, you can complete the payment using 17 different payment methods available on the official website.

5 Best RapidGator Premium Link Generators

I know that almost all of you are waiting for the best RapidGator premium link generator.

Well. it looks like now is the time for me to share the best link generators you can use.

Note: Remember, the link generators mentioned in this link works. Perfectly fine in 2021 as I have tested all of them manually. is a popular rapidGator Premium link generator not because it provides free and user-friendly services.

It’s because of the kind of features it backs up.

When using this generator for the first time, you might run into some unprecedented problems. So it’s better to be safer than sorry.

These are some steps you need to follow to make sure it works smoothly for you:

Howard, the question remains, how to generate one for yourself.

Well, this is how.

Click on it and the link generation is successful.

Big Speed

When creating a rapid Gator Premier link, you might have some of your requirements.

So, to meet all your needs, Big Speed is the Premium link generator you need in 2021.

When it comes to generating premium RapidGator links for a newbie, you can make sure the process is butter smooth by following these right away:

Many users prefer to customize the link generation process as per their requirements. Now, by using your Big Speed account, you can customize all of this as per your requirement.

For instance, if you want a link to expire within the next 24 hours, then big speed gives you the freedom to do so using the customize button.

Once you are done with the customization, simply click on the link generation button to finish this process.


When it comes to generating premium links, Premiumleech is one of the recognized websites on the internet.

The best thing about this website is that you don’t even need to create an account for using its service.

If you’re wondering how to generate a link using premium leech, here is how you can do it:

  1. TurboBit
  2. Uploaded
  3. Letitbit


When using Cocoa Village, don’t get confused between

With a different version, free and premium.

Even though there are many popular rapidgator link generators available in this list.

Cocoleech is a special one as it:

Neo Derbid

Even though Neo Derbid’s free version comes with just 1 GB storage support, you can get a lot if you purchase its premium subscription plan.

And once you have purchased its Premium plan, these are the following features you can avail:

Disclaimer: With this post, we’re not trying to promote Rapidgator Link Generators. This post is available to our readers only for educational purposes. So, keep that in mind.

Is it Safe to Use RapidGator Premium link Generators on my PC?

When it comes to numbers rapidgator, has got a long list of premium link generators.

So, I can’t assure you about all of them.

However, the five rapidGator Premium link generators mentioned in this post are 100% safe to use as I have been using these websites to create and upload files online.

Mega vs Google Drive vs Onedrive vs Rapidgator

The best way to make your final decision by comparing the rapidGator premium link generator with some of the leading products in the market. So, here we are comparing rapidgator with Google drive, one drive, mega, Sugarsync, and Dropbox.


Google Drive



Frequently Asked Questions

Is rapid Gator premium link generator better than the popular cloud storage websites such as Google Drive, and mega?NZ?

Both the website mentioned by you are world-class cloud storage platforms.

So I won’t say whether they are best or worst than the rapidgator link generator. Instead, all I can say is how rapidgator Premium link generator comes in handy with several options, it provides on the loop.

Is RapidGator premium link generator reliable to use?

Yeah, definitely. I have been using this cloud storage platform for over six months, and during this period of time, I haven’t faced any major errors.

In fact, as I said above, the RapidGator premium link generator comes with multiple options. In case one doesn’t work, you can quickly switch over to the other option to create a link as per your requirement.

Where can I purchase a rapidgator premium link generators subscription?

Well, you don’t need to.

If you have read this post completely, then you might already be aware that you don’t need to pay anyone. That’s possible especially after the websites I have mentioned in this post.

These websites never charge for premium rapidgator link generation.


With all these RapidGator premium link generators, I don’t think you won’t have any trouble creating download links from standard links.

As the post has come to its end, there’s one thing I’ve come to realize. Many candidates deserved to get on this list.

But don’t worry. As soon as I’ll finish testing on some other RapidGator Premium Link Generators, I would add them to this list.

However, in case, you’ve got some favorites that you want me to add to this list then do let me know about the same in the comments section given below. Or you can also write me down on our official email

That is all for now.

I hope this post will help you stay away from getting into the vicious circle of purchasing the RapidGator premium subscription or any cloud storage service every month.

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