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Best 3 Sleep Apps Reviews With Latest Features

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After a full hectic day, we all rush to our bed to recharge our self for the next day. We spend almost 1/3 time of a day in sleeping because 8 hours sleep is considered the best. A sound sleep makes us healthy and tones our mental muscles. Suppose if you are trying to sleep and you can’t sleep, really frustrating. Insomnia has become the most common disorder of today’s fast and busy. In the US about 30% people are facing Insomnia. But now you can get a sound sleep with your smartphone with the help of sleeping apps. Here we discuss the best sleep app and their features.

Best Sleep Apps To Help You Sleep

Best Sleep apps are really helpful for gaining a peaceful sleep. There is a plenty of sleeping apps but I chose the best 3 apps for your ease. Take a look below to be aware of them.

Sleep Cycle

The sleep cycle is a unique app which tracks your sleep system and wakes you up at the right time when you feel fresh and energetic. When we sleep there is much variation in our sleep phases like light to deep sleep. Sleep app technology monitors all your movements and gestures with vibration and sound techniques. This app identifies the best time to wake you up when you are in light sleep.

You have to just turn on the sleep cycle before rushing the bed and you can even place it on the floor near your bed. If you want to experience the premium version then you have to pay for it.

Free Features of Sleep Cycle

Premium features of Sleep Cycle App

User’s Reviews

Katelyn Valles

30 August 2018

I love it! The only thing I wish you could add would be to tell you how many hours you were asleep. Ps: I think this only works if you are sleeping alone.

Daniel Rose

25 August 2018
I can’t explain why I love this sleep app so much but just seeing how your sleep pattern go during the night is cool. The alarm doesn’t seem like it should wake you up but it does and it’s very pleasant to wake up to. Not jarring like a lot of alarms.

Pzizz: Best Sleep App

Another sleeping app for relaxing you is Pzizz. Doesn’t matter what kind of sleep you want, it may be a nap during the day or peaceful overnight sleep. With pzizz, you can obtain a calm sleep. With its melodious sounds, you feel the Lori of your mother. There is also the facility to change the voice pattern. You can select a male voice or a female voice. You can also modify the volume level.

You need to just hit a button and the app plays the peaceful, mind-soothing music, and sound effects which change every night. These relaxing sounds lead your mental muscles to deep sleep and you feel really fresh when you awake.

Features of Sleep App: Pzizz

User’s Review

Hilda O Neill

24 August 2018
This wouldn’t couldn’t work !! but it was free so worth a try. I don’t YET sleep all night but my sleep has greatly improved and I’ve now subscribed and believed it will continue to aid restful rather than restless nights. Thank you and continued success.
Jonathan Witherspoon
28 August 2018
Very good for focus and relaxation with simple navigation and an active dev team and community behind the product. 5/5


If you are looking for a something app which can heal your mental muscles. The best method to relax and soothe your brain is meditation and with this best sleep app, you can easily calm your mind. The calm app provides different programmes for beginners and also for exports. There are different sessions available for different time periods. You can pick the best programme according to your schedule. Topics are:

And much more.

Features of Calm: Best Sleep App

User’s Review

Sarah Denholm

28 August 2018
Calm has honestly changed my life. I now recommend it all the time, honestly, don’t know what I would do without it. Calms me down so much, I’ve never slept so soundly until I started using it, I have used it now almost every night for a year and a half.
Jessica Dawn Russell
28 August 2018
I really enjoy this sleep app! I love the changing lesson’s each day with the daily meditation. The daily calm is quick enough to do almost every day when I first wake up and it encourages me to meditate regularly.


Well..sleeping is a natural process but if one can’t obtain it naturally then these best sleep app can do wonders. Some people go for sleeping pills which can ruin your health and I think this best way to fall asleep. All the three apps have different features and you are mature enough to choose. Still, any query regarding these hypnosis apps then comment below and also share your experiences if you have ever used a meditation app or currently using one.
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