Big Deal For Miyamoto: ‘Project Giant Robot’ Canceled

During E3 2014, Shigeru Miyamoto, father of legendary franchises of Nintendo and of the industry of the video games like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda, presented ‘Project Giant Robot’ along with a demo that could be tasted in this edition of event. As the name of the project indicated, the game would have put us in the shoes of fully customizable and configurable giant robots facing other giants in the midst of a city that was destroying itself in its wake.

However, both Miyamoto and anyone who waited for something on this project are shocked because Project Giant Robot has been canceled and therefore we will never know what would have been their full version. Since its presentation we have hardly had news or updates on this game and what we really knew was simple mechanics. As seen back in 2014, it seemed like a title that would have fitted perfectly during the launch of Wii U in order to express the functionality of the Gamepad.

The news comes directly from the international media Polygon, who claim that the Nintendo of America itself has given the confirmation of the cancellation. From the company, they say that “we made this decision after considering our overall strategy of product and development.”

It would have been interesting to get the opinion of Shigeru Miyamoto himself about this project and see if in addition to everything he has, he is considering shaping a new idea for Nintendo Switch, especially in an era where the Kyoto company bet stronger than ever by the talented workers and creatives, since it is they who have given us wonderful titles like the ‘Splatoon’ and its sequel, ‘Splatoon 2’that will finally see the light in summer 2017 for the coming hybrid console.


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