Bixby Will Support 8 Languages, More Than Google Assistant

Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant will be available, according to certain Chinese sources, in seven different languages, perhaps eight languages. It will launch as we know so far at a joint event on March 29 in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Bixby is what Google Assistant is right now for Google, so you have an idea.

Google Assistant is fine, but it is only available in two languages: German and English, not in any other language. For now there are no plans for this change in the short term, and is that even Google has manifested. On the other hand, Siri, Apple’s counterpart is available in 36 different languages.

The eight lucky languages to be supported on Samsung Bixby are not officially confirmed. It is not known for sure, but it is “confirmed” that English, Korean and Chinese will be supported. By statistics the Spanish should also be one of them, but we may have a big surprise. Rumors surfaced in October, when Samsung bought Viva Labs, the company that once designed Siri. It is assumed that it will be the same company that is responsible for chopping the code in charge of recognizing the text.

There is no confirmation on other languages to be present in Bixby, so let keep it as a surprise till the time we receive any confirmed report on this subject. This virtual assistant will be present in the new Samsung Galaxy S8 which will be presented on March 29. Fortunately, after its release we might do a comparison of Bixby with Siri and Google Assistant.


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