BlackBerry launches app to prevent people around you from viewing your mobile screen

BlackBerry Privacy Shade

We are sure that on more than one occasion you might have felt uncomfortable having to read a message from WhatsApp or a private email for fear of indescribable looks. At BlackBerry they have thought about it and have surprised us with the launch of an application that tries to prevent people that surround us see to the screen of our mobile.

This is BlackBerry Privacy Shade, an app compatible with Android devices that you can download totally free of charge right now. As we have seen, the new BlackBerry application obscures the interface of our device, so it is impossible to see its contents except in a small square or circular area that we can scroll on the screen (as well as change its size).

The operation of the application makes it extremely difficult for people who are close to us to see our messages, so it is an indispensable ally for all those who value your privacy. Of course, it is possible to activate and deactivate the tool at any time, with the advantages that it entails. In addition, we can also adjust the transparency of the shadow.

At this point we cannot deny that this may be an interesting application for many Android users. If you have noticed and want to have a look, you can download it for free through the following link to Google Play.


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