Blizzard Says The New Overwatch Skin Has Mistakenly Made Mei Body Look Slim

Slim Mei

The new skin for Mei has made her look slim to which many fans reacted on various social media channels and forums. However, this was just an unusual bug, says a member of Blizzard Entertainment.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year celebrated by members of Asian culture, Blizzard Entertainment yesterday began a new event with special loot boxes to celebrate the Chinese holiday in ‘Overwatch’.

Many characters will receive new costumes, phrases, sprays and other elements as with the events of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, Halloween and Christmas, and this time it is for the Lunar New Year.

Being Mei a character from China, one of the countries where the Lunar New Year is celebrated has received a new festive skin that has ended up many users not liking it. Many have shown their dislike of the character on social networks and official forums of the game.

These users claim that Mei’s outfit reveals that her body is not like the one they believed to be from a girl who does not meet the normative beauty standards of girls with hourglass bodies, and instead had a few extra kilos.

Complaints on social networks have come to Blizzard and one of its Community Manager on official forums has explained that that aspect of Mei “is due to a bug,” which the team has already started working and the update could arrive soon.


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