BuildOne makes 3D printing more accessible than ever


We have already seen how the world of 3D printing is reaching to an increasing number of users, thanks to different initiatives that try to put this sector in more hands all thanks to the increasingly affordable prices. Since then the Robotic Industries LLC have wanted to take a step in this direction and launch their model of 3D printer whose cost is below $ 100.

Its BuildOne, which is the name of its 3D printer model, is designed to be used easily and simply, without complications, where users can send their digital works to print wirelessly from desktop computers, mobile phones, And can even optionally opt to use the cloud platform of the company to enable remote printing.

Other things to keep in mind about BuildOne is that it is a modular printer, allowing updates in the future, supports add-ons that users can purchase separately at affordable prices, and even have auto calibration and auto leveling. In addition, it has a modified version of the Marlin firmware, which makes it compatible with most software tools available in the market. It also has its own mobile application for those who choose the easiest solution.

BuildOne is currently available through its Kickstarter campaign, where they have already raised more than 200% of the goal set at about $ 100,000, with 24 days remaining. In this way, future sponsors can still opt for the different existing rewards that will begin their shipments this next September to any part of the world.

The truth is that as we move forward there will be plenty of use for 3D Printers. However there have been some cases where 3D printer appeared as the solution and hence it is better to invest in them now rather than to wait for later when it would be trending.


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