Calls without video are available globally on Google Duo

Google Duo app

Google is quite adept at creating its own Android applications. It has its own messaging services, mail, browsers, music applications and video applications. Last year, they dared with Duo, a video call application. The truth is that initially it had a lot of pull, although over time the number of downloads and users was decreasing.

Duo worked well, but it was too simple and did not add value to what was already on the market. Even so, Google refuses to kill it, and keeps the application up-to-date. Today we will talk about an interesting function of Duo, for all those who want to call without spending so much data.
A few days ago, we told you that in a short time you could make voice calls with Duo. Until now, you could only make video calls, with the consequent expenditure of data that this leads. As we read in 9to5google the calls without video in Duo are already available, so you can start using them now.

We have not been able to test them yet, but being Google we are sure that the quality of the calls will be quite good. This is a great option for those who love internet calls because if you have a good WiFi or a good data plan, then you do not have to spend minutes to call.

As we told you, from now you can download Duo and start using the calls without video. The feature is available globally, so wherever you are you can enjoy it. Tell us if you’re still using the Google Duo app and let us know if you’re glad that calls without video have landed on the android operating system.


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