Can using ShowBox APK result lawsuit?

ShowBox is not Working: It’s almost down: Check issues involved with ShowBox APK

Are you a lover of online movies and TV shows? If yes, then you must probably aware of the Showbox, the free app to stream and download all the latest stuff. But last few days was very disappointing for the Showbox lovers as the site is not working. The developers of the Showbox has shut it down but the question is that it will work again or will shut down permanently? There are millions of users of Showbox and the question is that it is legal or illegal? Can use Showbox APK result lawsuit?

If you are struggling among all these types of questions then here we will discuss all the aspects which will help you to understand is it legal or safe to use.

Can using ShowBox APK result lawsuit?
Can using ShowBox APK result lawsuit?

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Legal issues with Showbox APK

In May 2018 a report came in the limelight that a group of different movie studios such as Dallas Buyers Club, CobblerNevada, and Bodyguard productions, filed a copyright violation against the founder of Showbox. Not only the founder but also the distributors were found guilty in that case and they also got noticed.

Now you would probably think that who are the distributors of Showbox? Indeed, all the sites which allow you to download Showbox apk are called distributors of the Showbox. Apart from distributors, you can also be punished as you are the user of Showbox. In fact, all the persons who are associated with Showbox, whether using or producing, are at risk because all the content you watch for free is not legal.

Also, a news came into the mainstream that Cloudflare, well-known CDN and DDOS security service provider, will hand over the details of all the distributors of Showbox that were not mentioned in the genuine lawsuit.

The Result

It is not clearly found that Cloudflare has informed the movies studios or not but a week ago it came into the limelight that there was a settlement between the distributors of Showbox and movie studios. Although it is still unidentified that what were the settlements but all the provider of Showbox APk download are giving a blunt disclaimer that Showbox is not a trusted site and there may be copyright issues.

But there is not clear-cut warning about the use of Showbox and the movie studios can again file a lawsuit. Another fact is that after this happening Showbox has stopped working for its users. Now you are mature enough to assume the outcome.

Whether you should use Showbox APK or not?

As you know that Showbox APK is not working now and maybe it has shut down. The question is that should you use it or not? First of all, you must notice that thing, it offers all the latest movies and TV shows for free without any registration. A huge variety of content is copyrighted and if you access any copyrighted material without paying anything then it is quite illegal. It is simply theft.

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Showbox is not available on Google Play Store and the reason behind it clear that Google play store doesn’t support any illegal app. There is not any official website of Showbox via which you can communicate with its developers. All the factors indicate that if you use Showbox APK then you may be at risk. It is not advised to use Showbox as it is not legal.

You can watch movies and videos via legal platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime for which you have to pay a monthly subscription. In my opinion every app which gives you all the facilities like Showbox are illegal and you should not download such type of apps for your safety and also for moral values.


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