Capcom Has Already Distributed More Than 2.5 Million Units of ‘Resident Evil 7’

resident level 7

Capcom has released a data that reveals that it has distributed more than 2.5 million copies of the ‘Resident Evil 7’ game worldwide.

Last year ended up offering us excellent games of all kinds of genres, and the truth is that 2017 has not been able to start better, since at the beginning of change we have had a good number of releases, among which stands out, above all, the return of ‘Resident Evil’, the mythical Capcom franchise that premieres ‘Resident Evil 7’, the seventh installment of the saga.

The truth is that the launch of ‘Resident Evil 7’ has not been without controversy, since the new course taken by the franchise, has not convinced a part of the fans. Even so, all who have been able to play this game, have endlessly delighted with the final result, and the proposal of Capcom.

Well, the good news seems to have no end in the bosom of the Japanese company. And is that, today, Capcom has announced that it has already managed to sell more than 2.5 million copies. In addition, the free demo that can be downloaded, has already been downloaded a total of seven million times. This seems to be a very positive data for the Japanese company.

Fortunately or unfortunately, these numbers hide a small trap, and is that the 2.5 million units sold by Capcom, are copies that the developer has sold (or distributed) to the stores, does not mean that they have reached the user final. Even so, the data is very flattering and positive for both the developer and the future of ‘Resident Evil’ series.

Anyway, if you still have any doubts about what you can find in ‘Resident Evil 7’, you can try the demo available for free.


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