Changes and updates in the Google Play Store in the “My apps” tab


Earlier this year, Google Play Store revamped its interface to make it easier for users to access content. The Android application market continuously adds small design changes like a new slider menu and the “My Apps” tab that landed a few weeks ago to offer more control over the applications installed on our phone.

It is precisely this tab that integrates much of the changes in the Google Play Store. Within the tab of My apps and games, the classic way of showing the pending updates is already a thing of the past, because they will not be displayed in the same list as the other installed apps on our Android smartphone.

Now the updates will have their own tab. This tab will show all new versions of the apps that are installed on our phone and we can also check when they were updated. This way the Google Play Store aims to make it easier for users to find new versions of games and apps directly.


From this new update tab we can execute the applications quickly and notice some other design change like the font size change, information about the size of the new revision, the option to sort the applications (in alphabetical order, by date of update, date of last use and size) and a design inspired by Google cards.

With this new design, we can quickly update applications from a dedicated panel, without having to go to the application pages themselves, we can also select “Update all” to install all updates at the same time. It may seem like minor changes, but as soon as you start using it you’ll wonder why this design change took so long.

We found one last change in the “All applications” tab where we found, as its name indicates, all the apps we have ever downloaded on our Android smartphone. Now this section changes its name and you will find it in the Google Play Store under the denomination of Library. These changes are coupled with the new way of running rankings within the apps market and the emergence of new application bidding systems.


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