Charge Your Moto Z With Solar Energy? It Will Soon Be Possible Thanks To This Moto Mod

The first Moto Mods created by the community begin to surface. If yesterday we brought you a simple housing capable of adding fast charge and infrared sensor to the Moto Z, today we have to talk about a new creation called Moto Mico, which will charge the device by solar energy.

As we are told from Ubergizmo, this module will provide an extra 2,200 mAh battery to the Lenovo Moto Z, which will be solar-rechargeable so that terminal users do not have to worry about staying close to a charger when away from home.

This is Mico, the Moto Mod that charges your Moto Z with solar energy

Moto Mico, as its creators have called it, will have a battery of 2,200 mAh inside, which will be possible to charge your terminal by keeping the panel under the direct incidence of sunlight.

In addition, the module itself will be modular in turn. In this way, the user can extract the solar cells that he does not want to use, for example, to use only 1,000 mAh in a specific situation, or to use all the available capacity.

On the other hand, the panel will be compatible with the standard USB Type C, so it will be possible to load other devices that do not have support for Moto Mods.

Today the project is already in the platform of Crowdsourcing Indiegogo, but will not begin to be available until next February 5 where the first 100 buyers will enjoy a discount.

Its price has not yet been revealed, although we assume it will be similar to the other modules available on the market today. In addition, in case you want to buy additional solar panels, these will have an extra cost.


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