Chrome 56: Google Developers Give Insight into Optimizing the Rendering Engine

For a long time the developers of Google’s Chrome browser focus on the point of speed and are looking for ways to further optimize the browser. With version 56, which has just been on run, the developers have again delivered a small update to the rendering engine which saves both time and resources and increases the speed of the browser.

For a number of years, the Chrome developers have focused on providing the browser with more and more features, and technologies. Since the past year, the focus has been on getting as much overhead as possible, reducing resource consumption and simultaneously increasing speed and reducing battery consumption.

Chrome Render Engine

In a blog post, the Chrome team is now giving an insight into one of the optimization measures that have been made in the past months and completed with version 56. This time affects the rendering engine, which is responsible for the representation of the website. This part should ensure that each website is displayed with 60 FPS. Only after this value the user has a pleasant experience and the surfing and scrolling has a smooth effect.

This means that the engine has only 16 milliseconds of time to update a website or to display the changes. To get more time, Chrome now tracks the change of each element. If there was no change, this area can be retrieved from the cache and does not need to be redrawn. Previously, a web page was displayed in raster, then the whole raster had to be redrawn at a cursor blink.

Such a measure is quite common in an operating system, but at least in the Chrome browser it was probably not yet. Just a few days ago, the Chrome team had explained how they worked with Facebook to optimize the loading time of a website. Even in the past versions, they had made many optimizations which brought up to 53 percent savings of resources.

But not only the resources were saved, but also the battery consumption was back. In order to achieve this and other planned performance goals, one also now thinks about the reset of background tabs.

Google Chrome 56 update has brought in great performance as well as security improvements that will help improve the Internet surfing experience of users.


  1. Chrome 56 is a disaster. So unusable on Linux that I had to uninstall it and go back to FireFox. The problem is with reported weak certificates on HTTPS sites, including Despite the abundance of complaints, Google has not addressed the issue.


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