Chrome Beta 57 adds Custom Tabs and Finally Get More Options

Since August 2015, there are the Chrome Custom Tabs, which allow links to be opened faster from the app without having to load the entire Chrome browser. These tabs do not have the full functional scope of the browser app and have so far offered only stripped-down possibilities. As seen in the current beta version, this will change with the upcoming Chrome Beta 57.

The Chrome Custom Tabs not only have the advantage of opening faster than the full Chrome app, but also bring a number of additional benefits, the Custom tabs also have access to the cookies and formatting data, so the user using these tabs do not have to enter passwords every time. In addition, the browser is not covered with open tabs, which in most cases will not be needed.

With version 57 of the Chrome browser, the functionality of these tabs is now extended. Instead of only the possibility of copying the URL, sharing the website or opening it in full-fledged Chrome, the following options are now available: The active website can be browsed, the link can be placed on the Homescreen and you can request the desktop page. In addition, a web page can be added or downloaded directly from the tab to the favorites.

Anyone who has become accustomed to the new features will no longer want to miss this and will have to wonder why Google did not bring these options into the Custom Tabs from the beginning. Among other things, the custom tabs do not have the best reputation and are only an additional hurdle for many users, which opens the full-fledged browser. If you want to try the Custom Tabs, you can simply download the beta version of Chrome for Android and set it as the default browser.


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