This Chrome Extension now allows background images on the Google homepage

Background Image for Google Homepage

Four years after setting, Chrome Extension now allows background images on the Google homepage. A few years ago Google offered its users the possibility to personalize the homepage of the search engine with a background image and to display it over the entire surface. After a little more than two years, the function was then reset and completely replaced without replacement. A Chrome Extenion can now restore this feature.

By integrating the Google Web search on virtually every Android smartphone, in the address bar of many browsers, the Google homepage is actually no longer needed. Nevertheless, it is still used by many users as a home page in the browser and is the gateway to the Internet. And this of course wants to be personalized.

The Chrome extension with the somewhat bulky name Background Image for Google Homepage brings back the function very popular a few years ago. After the installation, you can easily enter the URL of a background image, search one of the database of Flickr or even create your own Imgur. As a further alternative, the app also offers a series of preselected backgrounds, all of which show typical landscapes.

Once you have selected a picture, the extension directly changes the white background to the desired graphic and on any Google start page in any language. The logo is exchanged against the white version, which was also used by Google at the time, and is nevertheless clearly visible. At the bottom, a link to the extension is created in the list of links in which a new background image can be defined. If there is a Doodle in one day, this is also displayed in text form below and with a click the background image can be removed and the Doodle can be displayed. This worked fine in my tests.

The extension is exactly the same as Google’s old function and is for all users of the setting still hiding behind the right. In the Chrome Web Store, the app is also very popular and mainly receives positive reviews. The exchange of the background image works, of course, locally only in the Chrome browser and is thus not visible in the mobile version or in another browser.

Here is the link to the extension which can be found in the Chrome Store: Background Image for Google Homepage


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