Chrome for Android adds various enhancements to its ability to download pages

Chrome Android

Google has released a new update for Chrome in Android devices that has incorporated a number of improvements including the ability to download pages for offline access, launched last year. In this sense there are three improvements introduced in the new version. The first one allows you to press any link for a longer period of time, so a menu could appear where among its options is the download option of this link.

Additionally, if you are accessing any website but couldn’t connect because no connection is available then instead of a mythical dinosaurs that currently appears there will be added a button that will allow the download of the same website later. So when the device does recover its connectivity, chrome will take care of the download and this way you can access the website later.

Finally, now when opening a new tab there will be a list of downloaded websites in which they will be identified by a badge. Additionally, a list of the most recent downloads will also be provided. The reason behind this is to make it easier for users when it comes to accessing the websites that they have already downloaded.

The truth is that it is not always possible to have a proper connection for various different reasons, but it never hurts to have access to websites that has interesting content available from anywhere, something on which Chrome has been working for a while now. These improvements are available in the new version of Chrome for Android and to reap benefits of this, it is necessary to upgrade the same.

Source: Google Blog


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