Chrome for Android is Updated With New Features and Better Performance

The Google team announced a new version of Chrome for Android, which will be deployed during the week.

There are 3 new features that stand out from this update, which will expedite the navigation from the mobile. One of them has to do with downloads, we will not have to go to the download manager to see what we have downloaded, but we can directly see it on the new tab page.

Just scroll to the new tab and see the downloaded pages and files. An interesting detail they have taken into account and that can save us a couple of clicks.

Now we do not have to perform a series of actions as with this update we can do it with just selecting the corresponding text on the web page that we are viewing. For example, we can send an email, go to an address or make a call, without the need for such data to appear in a special way, as the browser will detect it automatically.

When you select the text, Chrome opens the corresponding application to perform the action, for example Google Maps to see the location of an address. And a bonus that we find in this update is that, simply by performing a long press on the item we choose, we will have the option to download the link to check later when we do not have a connection.

With this update a series of new features are added which will be very useful for the intensive users of Chrome on Android.


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