Chrome OS 56 is rolled out: Even more Material Design and Improved Screenreader ChromeVox

After the version 56 of the Chrome browser has already been rolled out for all platforms, the Chrome OS operating system is now running with a few days delay. The update to version 56 not only brings all functions already known into the operating system browser, but there are also some small changes to the interface. In addition, the package brings a completely revised version of the screen reader ChromeVox.

Exactly two weeks ago Google has started with the rollout of Chrome 56 for the desktop and a few days later the version for Android and iOS were updated. Because the same version is different on all platforms, it takes time for all platforms with the current version to travel. With Chrome OS 56, this version has now found its end.

With version 56, the conversion to the material design in the operating system is continued and this time the system controls or the taskbar have been made at the bottom of the screen. At first glance, the changes are only minimal, but they are more significant in everyday use: active apps are no longer underlined by a long bar, but are only symbolized by a small white dot under the icon. When you go over and click on an icon, there is now little animation that illustrates the action.
A lot more has been done in the system menu: this has been tidied up and slimmed down and does not take up so much space. The setting for the volume is still in place, but the slider for changing the brightness has disappeared. The shortcuts to the settings and the shutdown or logoff from the operating system are now directly next to each other and are symbolized with small icons.

Version 56 also includes an update for the Screenreader ChromeVox, which is intended to make the browser and the entire Web barrier-free. Braille keyboards also get more functionality.

The new version is called “ChromeVox Next”, but also the usual version “ChromeVox Classic” is still available and is to facilitate the slow changeover.

All further updates are to focus purely on the browser from the Desktop Version. This is a clear warning against unsecured connections, Flash is pushed back one step further and the browser now also receives support for the Web Bluetooth API. The update to version 56 has been rolled out since yesterday and should be available in the next days for all users.


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