Clan Battle arrives at Clash Royale

Clan Battle arrives at Clash Royale

At the moment, Clash Royale is becoming one of the best games. A day before Super Mario Run was already available for download on Android and is one of the few games that can compete with Clash Royale in the market. Today, it is known that Clan Battle comes to Clash Royale.

Another of the few games that can also win Clash Royale in number of users playing is Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go was updated the other day with the possibility of getting Shiny Pokemon, but is still not in the reference when choosing a game as the best in Android or iOS.

Clan Battle arrives at Clash Royale in the form of a clan chest

Slowly Supercell is been bringing numerous new features to Clash Royale, such as challenges and new cards. Previosly we saw how to get the new Clash Royale card, the Bandida, that is already available to everyone, so it is already likely to come out in any type of chest. Today we get a bigger news that Supercell has brought a great update by bringing Clan Battles to Clash Royale.
Clan Battle consists of 2 vs 2, so you can choose the person you want from your clan, to search game and play with another clan at random, who is also looking for a match. The king’s tower will be bigger and will have more life.
Following are the characteristics of this new Clan Battle:

  1. Find a match by clicking the Clan Battle button to match you to a member of your clan
  2. Fight 2 vs 2 against two people from another clan
  3. Elixir is not shared
  4. Each can have a different team
  5. The elixir rises more slowly than normal
  6. All the crowns you win will go to the Clan Chest, which will be smaller this time

These are all the novelties of the Clan Battle that arrives today at Clash Royale. It will not be every weekend, nor will it be available to play whenever we want. Atleast for now, it is not be so. We can play it every other weekend in the Clan Chest. Apart from this news, it is worth a reminder that today the Bandit is also available to unlock and arrival of new cards to Supercell’s game.


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