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Clash of Clans rumors – When the next clan games will start and reward tiered?

In the present time clash of clans rumors tell that Supercell still adjusts and tracks Clan Games in inconsistently periods with various reward levels to see which recurrence will work best, so there is no single lead when Clan Games will be facilitated.

clash of clans rumors

Additionally, the reward levels and individual point tops will be unique in relation to Clan Game to Clan Game.


Clan Games for September 27th-October 4th

New family diversions are here in Clash of Clans and we have the prizes and levels for these amusements! The necessities are the equivalent as they, for the most part, are with the greatest number of focuses coming at 50,000 and every player having the capacity to get a greatest of 4,000 focuses. By and large, there will be 6 distinctive reward levels, with the sixth level having the capacity to be accomplished by 13 players. Here are all the reward levels for these faction diversions! At the 6th level, you can get a mixture of rune, which is dependably a gigantic enchantment thing. clash of clans rumors also adds a Book of Heroes and a Book of Building are accessible at levels 4 and 5. Good fortunes with this round of tribe amusements in Clash of Clans!


Clash of Clans rumors – Tiers & Rewards

Term: 7 days

Number of unmistakable Challenges: 12

Point top per player: 4000


The reward levels will be separated into the accompanying sections

  • Tier 1:3000 points – Assets or 20 Gems
  • Tier 2:7500 points – Assets, 1x Resource Potion or 2x Training Potion
  • Tier 3:12000 points – Assets or 40 Gems
  • Tier 4:18000 focuses – 3x Power Potion
  • Tier 5:30000 points – 1x Book of Heroes or Assets
  • Tier 6:50000 points – 1x Rune of Elixir, 5x Assets Potion or 10x Wall Ring


Clash of clans update 2018

  • More Quality of Life Improvements Confirmed (October 2nd, 2018)

Darian simply affirmed extra QoL upgrades for the following refresh – along these lines, this is for the time being the affirmed list:

  • Siege Machines-  The game will consequently default to the last organization you utilized. In the event that you utilized a Siege Machine in your last assault, it will default to that setting for your next assault. On the off chance that you didn’t utilize a Siege Machine and just sent CC troops typically, your next assault will utilize that setting.
  • Siege Machines – Giving Siege Machines will now give 30XP rather than 1XP.
  • Troop Selection – When beginning an assault, no troops will be chosen as a matter of course. That way you won’t unintentionally send a troop when contacting the guide. You should physically choose which troop you will send first.
  • Replays – New replay speed accessible. Rewatch fights at 1/2 replay speed.
  • *NEW* Electro Dragon – Eddie’s Lightning Spell upon death will now bargain harm to Resource structures.
  • *NEW* Grand Warden – The Grand Warden’s mode can be flipped even while he is recuperating.

I like that Supercell is taking a shot at these little enhancements, in any case, I trust we will, at last, get some more refresh information soon.



I prescribe you this guide here that will show you the fundamental learning about Clan Games and furthermore examine some clash of clans rumors that will encourage you (and your tribe) getting more focuses in Clan Games.

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